Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Belated Valentines!

Whoops, I forgot to post these photos from Valentine's Day! These shoes were super on theme but a poor choice - the rubber material + a muggy day = blister town.

Outfit Details:

Dress - Review
Shoes - Melissa X Vivienne Westwood
Clutch - Hello Parry
Bag - Peter Alexander

We had a very student budget date - I won tickets to the Bond exhibition at the Melb Museum, and we had fondue at home with a cute $3 kit from Typo. I'm no longer working so I will have to keep getting creative with such dates; Groupon is my best friend at the moment!

The Bond expo was good (for a free one). I was a little sad to learn that many of the props there were reproductions, it took away the feeling that I was seeing something special and unique. I loved the casino costume room, of course! So many sexy Bond Girl dresses.

Yummy yummy totally healthy fondue (chocolate covered fruit is healthy, right?)

I'm finding it harder to keep up with posting, particularly as I haven't been going out many nice places lately (working on a PhD will do that to you). How do people feel about more casual mirror selfies, just to show a glimpse into my daily outfits?