Friday, June 27, 2014

Update Shmupdate

Hi all, sorry again for the lack of posts. I alternate between spending all my time in a room full of PhD students and going to the gym in a desperate attempt to revive my ageing metabolism, so there isn't much motivation to dress up. I'm a lot more active on I'm very new to it all so forgive me if I'm a little excessive with the filters. I swear I can quit whenever I want.

Here are a few of the 'best of the rest' outfits for events I actually managed to get dressed up for!

First off: I'll never say no to a Gatsby party. Thank god for that movie, I have had more chances to dress up 1920s style than ever before!

My partner and I also attended his friend's wedding - I wore a fabulous pink dress from Modcloth, and a necklace I bought for $3 from a burlesque dancer at a bar's garage sale. Oh the things it must have seen!

Speaking of weddings and such things... I moved in with my partner, plus I caught the bouquet at my cousin's wedding so we'll see where that takes us...!

Bye for now!