Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cocktails in Bed

I finally finished a UFO of mine - these pjs for my boyfriend! They've been balled up beneath my bed for so long when all I really had left to do was sew buttonholes. I wanted to learn how to make them on the machine but eventually I just did them by hand - it just wasn't gonna happen!

The boyfriend is a bit of an amateur mixologist, so this cute vintage flannel seemed perfect for him! The pieces I got off etsy had some kind of weird staining on them that wasn't mentioned in the description (grr) but luckily I still had just enough after cutting it all out.

The weather is finally cooling down here, so I finished these just in time. Boyfriend seems pretty pleased with them, and good thing too! I needed some girlfriend points so I could do this to him:

He's not thrilled to be my guinea pig, but it was good to have somebody who loves me (and therefore has to tolerate my mistakes) for my trial run because it turns out I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. I'm petrified of breaking something because my orientation in the lab consisted of being told how expensive everything was (even the stickers were $300!)
I'm in the process of drafting my research proposal for my psychology honours thesis, and the workload is only going to get more intense from here. I apologise but I'll probably end up completely disappearing at some point - however, sacrifices have to be made. It's my dream to become a psychologist, and the courses are so competitive to get into (most have a 10% acceptance rate) so I really need the best marks possible and then some. Please wish me luck cause I really need it! See you on the flipside!