Sunday, October 6, 2013

Butterflies in the hair and stomach

Today my honey and me went out for a 'hello spring! remember what life is like outside your study?' date. And as you can see, spring has fully sprung!

First stop was to see a movie, A Letter to Momo. I'd recommend it if you were a fan of Spirited Away - it has that same sense of charm and whimsy, an adorable and strong heroine, and curious insight into Japanese lore and tradition.

Next stop was the QV Glass House, a temporary garden cafe celebrating the arrival of spring. A special enclosure was set up to benefit the Butterfly Foundation, a group that works with people struggling with eating disorders. Inside, you were able to handle live butterflies, or in my case coax them down with a crown of fake flowers.

If that didn't work, a stick full of sugar might do the trick! Om nom nom. Really amazing to be able to see these gorgeous creatures up close. 

The boyfriend decided to sport one as a bowtie. Quite dashing, don't you think?

From here it is a two week dash to submit my thesis, so I've soaked up all the sunshine and happy feelings to power me through! I'm certainly feeling the butterflies on the inside now. Wish me luck!