Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A little party never killed nobody

Recently my birthday and the submission date of my literature review coincided - what better excuse to throw a party? And what better kind of party is there than one through a hidden door in a back alley, drinking champagne while surrounded by the most charming, beautiful people? Taking a little bit of inspiration from the recent Gatsby movie and tempering it with the realisation that I did not own a mansion or have 200 friends, I sought out a perfect 1920's style speakeasy for a cocktail with close companions.

Of course I devoted 90% of my party-planning time to picking out the perfect outfit, and came up with this heavily beaded silk dress. The way it shimmered in the light was like nothing else!


What I Wore

Dress - Needle and Thread
Shoes - Melissa
Fur - Vintage


Shimmer and sparkles everywhere - I'd be remiss if I didn't cover my eyelashes in jewels too! These ones are from Illamasqua.

The door to the speakeasy - located down a fairly creepy alley next to a car park, it's one of Melbourne's best kept bar secrets.

The deliciousness within! An absinthe fountain to spike our own drinks with. I also had a wonderfully fragrant rosemary martini.

Although my next big deadline is in October, I think I'll have to start 'researching' new venues for my next soiree...