Saturday, June 8, 2013

Space Age Hostess

I was lucky to pick up this dress at an opshop. Some may find the combination of it with the gogo boots a little costume-y, but not me! I'm in LOVE with this look. I feel like I should be some kind of futuristic space hostess, or some kind of sexy spy!

These boots were most certainly NOT made for walking - I feel so unsteady! They're Jeffrey Campbell though and I could not resist that sparkle.

I'm happy that the shimmer and glimmer of this outfit showed up in the photos. Perfect outfit for going out on the town at night! I was my very own disco ball!


Body By Burger said...

Oh my word! Those boots! I had shoes I called me Space Boots - even bought two pairs just in case! - but they are both pairs finally deceased / too grody for words.


Georgia Rose said...

Damn, that dress is so cool! Such a good opshop find.

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