Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flower Power at the Garden Show

 Long time no blog! These photos were taken so long ago,  before the demands of doing a thesis well and truly swallowed my life. I'm not sure if I've worn makeup/dressed up properly since then. How frightful!

Somebody needs to go back in time and warn me that this is the last time I will look glam for approximately 6 months so I can properly savour the moment....


My boyfriend and I went on a double date to the Melbourne Flower and Garden show. The variety of displays was simply stunning - flowers were used to create lovely bouquets, gardens that told stories, sculptures and even fashion!

You can really tell this was from a different stage in my life because I actually had the time to paint my nails, AND do nail art! Flowers for the flower show!

These were my favourite flowers - I have no idea what they are; they look so alien and strange!

Flowers were even used to create a kind of living graffiti.


 I felt like a kid again around displays like this.


And of course I acted the kid once I realised there was a petting zoo there! Little baby piggies!

The boyfriend and I bought two chilli plants for the show, and we've been using them in our own cooking. Feels very grown up. We've even bought a slow cooker together, which is pretty much the BEST THING EVER. Our first appliance purchase for moving in together, unless you count the Playstation 3... priorities, girl!

I'm still reading and enjoying all your blogs. I can't wait to get a break from my work so I can dress up and go out again! Wish me luck!


queendomofspades said...

Hi there. Found your blog through the Vogue forums/other Voguettes' blogs.

The Flower Show looks simply marvellous, and the piglet is just too cute!

I did Psych Hons last year so I understand how wonderful it is to be able to get away for a bit, dress up and go out into the world!

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