Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Dangerous Remedy - Warning, here be politics

Reading the T.V. guide last week  I was drawn to an image which I thought must have been straight out of Mad Men - a voluptuous, glamorous redhead in an amazing 60s shift dress. When I read the accompanying article I realised this was a character from an ABC telemovie 'A Dangerous Method', a dramatization of the fight to legalize abortion in Victoria.

Tired of seeing female patients die from unsafe backyard or self-induced procedures, Dr. Bertram Wainer decided that the law must be changed to protect the health of women. He placed an advertisement asking to speak to women who had abortions, and found that many of them had their procedures done by gynecologists who were felt it was their duty to help women, despite the threat of heavy legal penalties. When Dr. Wainer asked these surgeons to go public, he found that they were experiencing pressure from police who wanted to be paid off to keep from raiding the practices. The vast majority of the movie deals with Dr. Wainer's efforts to expose the web of corruption in the police force and consequently obtain abortion reforms.

The telemovie itself can be watched here: .

There are some graphic scenes, and it made me uncomfortable to see the level of violence and corruption that was considered acceptable by the police force at the time. However, I still think it is a very important story to be aware of, and well worth watching. I deeply respect Dr. Bertram Wainer and those who aided him for risking their lives in the quest to protect women driven to 'backyard butchers' and to expose the injustices of the legal system.

I am staunchly pro-choice myself, and I breathed a sigh of relief when Obama was re-elected today. Although I do not live in America, I believe that my own country tends to follow suit in many arenas, and I feared the consequences of a Romney government looking to repeal Roe vs. Wade and take funding away from Planned Parenthood. I was afraid of a government who said things like "some girls rape easy", or that a pregnancy resulting from rape was "something that God intended to happen", or that women could not get pregnant from "legitimate rape". I'm glad that these men have been stopped for now, but I do not think this means women can get complacent about our rights. Australia's current opposition leader has said that women (yes, specifically women) should regard their virginity as a precious gift, despite the fact that he was having sex and even thought he had fathered a child while studying to be a priest. He has said "I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons". PEOPLE LIKE THIS WANT TO CONTROL OUR LIVES. I cannot stress enough how important it is for women to not rest on their laurels as if the war is over. If the recent election has taught us anything, it is that a segment of society will always be unhappy with the idea that women can control their own bodies, will want to define what rape is and isn't, will want women to face consequences for being sexually active, will want to murder people in the name of the 'sanctity of life', and will want to protect children until the moment they are born - after which they become a drain on taxpayers and a way for teenagers to coast by on welfare. I apologise if you do not agree with me. I would support a women who chooses not to have an abortion just as much as a women who does have one. But I want them to have the right to choose.

I'd like to finish with a quote from Dr. Wainer played during the credits of the film: "I trust and hope that instead of this sort of argument I am being presented with today, we will get to a constructive argument where all children who are born in Australia are wanted, loved, and grow up in economic security".

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

These boots were made for ... grievous bodily harm

I love my new Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I've never had so many people stop me to compliment me on my shoes before! They are just so FIERCE. And surprisingly comfortable (for me. Not for anybody who trips into me).

I bought some petticoats from Modcloth thanks to lots of other bloggers posting those $20 referral codes. Hope y'all enjoy your bonus credit! I'm loving the way they fill out my skirts. How did I do vintage for so long without them?!

Outfit Details:

Shirt - Kenji
Coat - Mum's (mine now hahaha)
Cuff - Diva
Skirt - ASOS
Petticoat - Modcloth
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Purse - Dangerfield

Showing off my $5 imitation purse outside the Chanel store. ONE DAY I WILL OWN YOU. As my boyfriend was taking this photo, a lady walked up to me and handed me a rose! Hence my bemused face in the next image.

 T-thank you?

I got a photo with the very lovely Meow Meow - if she ever comes to visit your town, please go see her perform! She's an amazing caberet singer with a wicked sense of humor.

Two more assignments to go and then I'm done for the year! Can't wait!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


This skirt would be so perfect for a teacher - it is covered with pens, paperclips, erasers and maths equations. I wore it to some statistics classes last semester to make the intense calculations a little more fun.

Also it has pockets, which automatically gives it a +100 in skirt points. I love my pockets!

I've  been collecting these Disney Couture bracelets with inspirational sayings. This one is from Snow White, and reads 'whistle while you work'. A good sentiment to have as the semester draws to a close and I feel as though I am drowning in assignments!

These photos are a bit of a reminder to myself to wear illuminator more often - it makes my skin photograph so much more nicely.  I bought a Clarisonic a while ago which is working wonders on my face as well. Well worth the money to anybody who is torn about buying one!

That's all for now - hope you are well, and I'll be back after I finish these essays! (Better get started first...)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Der Kuss

These are my new favourite leggings, made by an Australian company called Black Milk who are famous for their use of iconic prints on clothing. They're perfect for an art geek like me! Let's not talk about how much I've spent on them lately...


These shoes are also completely b'dass - I got them at a very snazzy 40% off, and they are surprisingly comfortable for their shape and height! I'm mad about the architechtural design. They tie into the pattern of the leggings juuuust right.

You may have noticed I cut my hair super short after all! The lovely Paigey said it best in her recent article about the merits of pixie hair. It really is so much easier to take care of, and despite the little twinges I get when watching shampoo commercials because I can't swish my hair about and look ultra feminine, I prefer looking gamine and unique.

Till next time!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Revolutionary Road Dress

 No, I haven't found time to cut my hair - just some old photos from the start of this year when I had a pixie cut! I'm not sure if I ever put snaps with it like this online.

I love these glasses but they are too loose! I can't wear them to work because they slip off any time I look down at my papers. Does anybody have experience with asking an optometrist to adjust frames that were not purchased at their store? For freesies? Otherwise I'll just tape them behind my ears.

I wish I had bought this dress in more colours. Just a cheap little thing off ASOS but I've been dying for a shift dress with neck cutouts after watching Revolutionary Road all those years ago.



I'm starting to get in the mood for summer after posting all of these! I do miss dress weather. Or at least, weather where I can wear a dress without hiding it behind a billion layers.

I've got a question for you, blog followers! Should I get this haircut again? Grow my hair back into a bob? Or take horse supplements until it goes past my shoulderblades again? Currently I'm rocking (unintentionally) something I call 'The Sherlock' after Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC adaptation. It looks terrible but I don't know what to do with it because I haven't decided whether to stay short or grow long. I would really appreciate thoughts on this! Thanks lovelies~

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Street Snapped at the Melbourne Museum

Remember in my recent post I mentioned I was snapped by a style blogger at Melbourne Museum's SmartBar? The photos are online and I am so thrilled!

Please check out the original post over at BusinessChic - a great Australian style blog on looking fashionable at work!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Night at the Museum

Last month I attended the Melbourne Museum 'Smart Bar', an evening which was part of the The 'Big Kids' Night Out' series of events where over 18s can attend museums, exhibitions and galleries outside of normal opening hours, free of rowdy kids and big school groups, listen to guest speakers discussing more adult themes (insect mating or syphillis, anyone?) with the added bonus of libations. I love these kind of places but abhor crowds so evening events like this are perfect for me, for as busy as it was on the night it had nothing on school holidays! I went to the first rendition of the SmartBar and this one was enhanced by the opening of another floor, the addition of more presenters and activities and the fact that they had more than three people serving at the bar...

My hair is going through a horrible growing out phase while I debate whether to go back to the pixie or let it get long again (seriously, I'm calling it the Sherlock after the latest BBC rendition - look it up, get a mental image then weep for me) so you will see a lot of hats until I make up my mind. I bought this one at a recent  The Way We Wear Vintage Fair, and given the very sexy crowd at the last event I knew I could bust it out without getting too many stares (I read a tweet on the night which said if the museum was bombed the entire hipster population of melbourne would have been destroyed, but I think the crowd was too obviously enjoying themselves to really be classified that way!)

 (A live specimen outside on the walk home - hello possum!)


This time they opened up the amazing Mind and Body exhibit, which meant fun photo-ops in the visual illusion room! At the moment I'm reading a book on how magicians exploit quirks in the brain and senses to deceive us - fabulous stuff.

Of course, no trip to the museum is complete without visiting my favourite derpy otter:

Seriously THAT FACE asdfhak. Somebody needs a hug.

I also got photographed by a street style blogger on the night, so I will be sharing the link with you when those go online! Can't wait, eee. She's a much better shot than me and captured all the little details of my outfit. 

I can't wait for the next Big Kids' Night Out - here is hoping the next one includes the Australian History wing, so I can nab me some Gayware when nobody is looking ohohoho~

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Tale of a Homing Bird Who Could Not Home

With so many bloggers posting photos of their chickens, I kinda wanted to share my own bird adventures. This is Sir Puffington: I found him one winter's day in my garage, just chilling on a tool rack. I wanted to close the garage door so tried to shoo him out - no go! Even when I lifted up the broom he was sitting on and carried him outside, he just flew back in as soon as we cleared the door! When he was flying about, I noticed a tag on his leg and it clicked that he was a homing pigeon. A very, very bad one at that!


I worried about him given the number of foxes and cats in our area, and it was getting dark and cold. I figured he was unable or unwilling to fly home, so the best thing to do would be to catch him, box him up with food and water and try to find his owners. Lucky for me, he was rather tame and tired, so he let me get quite close and didn't react quite fast enough when I reached out to grab him. When I knocked on the door to get my Dad's help, his only words were "You and your damn birds!" (I'm a little notorious for taking them in...)

While my dad grudgingly set up a nest for Sir Puffington in a laundry basket, the poor little guy dropped off to sleep in my hands. Although we found a phone number on his ankle, we could only contact an answering machine (it would be a couple of days before the owners called, during which time I of course envisioned a future where I could keep him and take him flying myself...)

I was sad to see him go, but I hope if he ever gets tired in the future and needs a pit stop he remembers the delicious crushed popcorn kernels and warm garage at my house!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Twiggy Eyes

Sometimes I like to draw on lower lashes and pop on white eyeline and pretend I am Twiggy.

I then take lots of photos but then forget to put them on my blog because I'm preoccupied with study. Oops!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pastel Easter Confections

The boyfriend and I went to the beach the day before Easter to pick up a pair of secondhand vintage-style bikes. We took the tram there but had not realized that bikes were not allowed, which presented a fairly large obstacle on our return trip! (The perils of having our different public transport modes operated by 3 different companies - while bikes are welcome on the train they are, for some odd reason, not okay on trams or buses). Thankfully the tram track ran right beside a bike path, so a five dollar pair of helmets from the 7-11 later we were cruising!

I picked up this gorgeous scarf the day before - I simply could not resist the darling bunny pattern! Perfect for Easter.

All those pastels made me feel a little like a walking egg myself - but it is so fun to get into the spirit of things. 

Ta da! My new baby. I've bought a book about casual rides to take in Melbourne - it is looking like a good way for the boy and I to go sightseeing without spending too much money. And all that biking is good for the thighs too (which helped with working off the Easter treats!)

Speaking of... while I was withdrawing cash I found this egg at an ATM in the city! I miss the egg hunts from my childhood so it was a lovely surprise.

I hope you all had a wonderful, restful Easter. I myself may have rested a little too much, as my lack of progress on my assignments will attest... back to the books!