Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just dropping by to wish you a merry christmas and to finally post pictures of my new haircut! I asked for something 'Audrey Hepburn circa Sabrina' and I am very happy with the results! (Any melbourne based ladies should give the Biba Academy studios a try. You get a high quality haircut for $20, supervised by professionals - the only downside is that the students take longer, but they are constantly making you cups of tea and coffee so the time flies by!)

Boyfriend and I accidentally matched! Cute or weird? I can't decide.

My Xmas dress was snapped up for a bargain 75% off (caught them doing the markdowns for boxing day at Myer so I managed to get in before the crowds!) It was chosen in anticipation of the predicted 30 degree day, but....

Melbourne did its darndest to give us a white christmas via a thunderous hailstorm!

I still have no idea what I even got for Christmas - we're hosting this year so there hasn't been any time between cooking to take a look under the tree! Taking a break to nurse my food-baby while blogging. Hopefully will be allowed to open soon!

My love to you all - hope you are having a safe, restful and merry christmas, and that Santa left you something special under the tree!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Australian Readers - Pssst, have you heard?

Dita von Teese will be returning to Australia in March 2012 to launch a lingerie line for Target! She will walk the runway at the Loreal Fashion Festival on March 10, 2012, and the pieces themselves will be arriving instore in February, with new product lines to come in March and April. The line will be titled "Von Follies by Dita von Teese", and will come in a wide range of sizes (up to an E cup in bras and size 20 in briefs).

Prices will start at $17 and go up to $79 for fitted corsolettes. Word is that the collection will include proper garter belts, overwire bras, high waisted briefs, corsetry; and the colours will encompass black lace over nude, leopard print, and dreamy pale pink satins. It will be available for purchase both instore and online, which is a lifesaver for women like me who are right now reading about the delicious details and fretting they might not make the product launch!

Personally I'm kicking myself that I quit working at Target right before this collection was announced! I could have brought you a little insider info, or more selfishly, earmarked a few pieces for myself before they hit the floor. Any my staff discount is gone! Nooooooo! I'll see if my connections have any more information to offer closer to the release date, however. I have only been able to find the one sneak-peek of the collection so far - this gorgeous black and blue lace number:

I'm personally not the biggest fan of Dita, as I find her strip shows to be a little robotic and lacking in the sense of cheekiness and fun that I find really appealing in burlesque (I much prefer the va-va-voom displayed by british burlesque bombshell Immodesty Blaize, but that is neither here nor there). Despite this, I'm excited about the launch of an accessible range of lingerie that comes in styles that I prefer and find physically flattering. However having spoken to a few hardcore Dita fans who feel that selling the range in a store like Target rather than Myer or David Jones 'cheapens' the Dita brand, I'm really curious to find out what you think! Are you excited about cheapish, pretty undies? Or would you rather see couture techniques (at a fairly couture price point) like Dita's recent capsule clothing launch at David Jones?