Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sale Time!

I'm clearing out my wardrobe again! Too much etsy shopping and too few hangers! So far I've listed a few vintage items and some modern pieces with a vintage-inspired feel.

All items can be found here on ebay.

A taste of what has been listed so far:

Austrian New Old Stock 50s Cat-Eye Glasses

Pink Boucle Weave 50s Pencil Skirt

Novelty Print Friends of Couture Snowflake Cardigan

50s-Style Full Skirted Red Satin Party Dress

50s-Style Bombshell Red Wiggle Dress with Black Lace

Cute Pink Floral Playsuit

60s Gold Lace Mini Dress

1940s Burgundy Halo Feathered Hat

I'll be looking for more gems in need of a new home over the coming days, so keep checking back!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Melbourne Winter Masterpieces: Vienna Art and Design

Oh boy, it has been a while since I last blogged! That is mostly the fault of my clutzy self, as I dropped my camera and broke it good. However, I invested in a new one that is waterproof AND shockproof, so hopefully that won't happen again.

I spent a day out on the town recently eating too many sweets and checking out some exhibitions before they closed. First off, the boy and I went to a 'fill a bag with vintage for $20' sale - most of the offerings were pretty meh, but I did get a few cute things (all in need of repair) and he picked up a snazzy new suit jacket.

This is my new favourite eatery, La Belle Miette ("The Beautiful Crumb"). They sell all kinds of delicious and fatty macarons! Seriously, I have put on about 7kgs since I discovered this place. WORTH IT THOUGH.


What did I get? You'll just have to wait and see!

Outfit Details

Cape: Target
Dress: Target ($8 - bargain!)
Eye blindingly orange tights: Ebay
Shoes: Asos

This sculpture was made entirely of tape! You could climb inside it (see the shadow in my second photo?)

My friend and I then spent the afternoon at the NGV checking out the Vienna Art and Design exhibition (which was absolutely lovely). I'm a huge fan of Gustav Klimt, I could have sat in there all day just taking it in!

I recently saw a burlesque act based on the 'waterwall' out the front of the gallery - it involved the dancer loudly musing on art before turning on a shower of water that turned her dress see-through! I loved having international guests pay such quirky homage to my city.

These lights were part of a temporary cafe set up inside the exhibition - just beautiful!

You may notice I have a new haircut and glasses! My hair is very very short now - perfect for the abnormally hot weather we have been having lately. I had it cut longer at the front so I could still curl it for a more traditional look. And all for free! - the perks of having a friend who is an apprentice hairdresser searching for more practice!

I had so many people compliment me on my tights today! I guess in a city famous for wearing all black it can be refreshing to see a pop of strong colour. I actually bought them for a cosplay, which I'll be sure to post pictures/video of soon - I won best group! So proud.

Thanks everyone who stuck it out in this picture heavy post, I hope to blog more soon!