Sunday, May 29, 2011

My New Favourite Bracelet

I ordered this bracelet from ASOS thinking it was going to be a pretty, dainty little thing. When it arrived in a fairly large box I knew something had gone terribly wrong - it was about 4x larger than I had expected it to be! Happily I've grown to love it, giant chunky beads and all. People can't help but ask about it when they see me - I like to say that it is my power limiter but not many people get my nerd jokes ;_;

Outfit Details

Skirt: Etsy
Socks: Target
Shoes: Rivers (any fellow Aussies looking for comfortable saddle shoes should check them out - these babies were only $20! Bargain!)
Beret: Portmans
Bracelet: ASOS
Blouse: Thrifted
Cardigan: Dangerfield

'Little Cupcakes' is my new favourite place to get an afternoon treat with the boyfriend - they make exactly what you'd think, given the name. They're delicious, but...

...being 'little', they are gone all too soon!

I also worked the bracelet into a more dressy outfit recently - I love how it can be used for both.

Outfit Details

Dress: Etsy
Shoes: ASOS
Bracelet: ASOS

Yes, these pictures were taken in a pub bathroom. I hid out there for an hour and a half because my 'friends' were late and didn't bother to update me, and it was way too awkward hanging out at a bar with old men watching the football.

Can you tell I marathon America's next top model when I am meant to be studying for exams? Ooops. I'll be free soon enough, hoping to update more regularly then. Sorry for the photodump!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Disney Princesses Vintage Fashion

Just dropping by to share this gorgeous illustration with you - I'm not certain of the original artist; I found it while 'surfing the web', as they say! It is a redesign of the Disney Princesses, dressed in outfits adapted to suit the era in which their films were made.

I've always thought that you could see the influence of the period of the style of the characters in the film - there is no greater example than Ariel's 80s wedding dress monstrostity! Snow White's short curled hair, thin curved eyebrows and girlish face also seem very 30s inspired.
If you're a fan of Disney Princesses, stay tuned for the unveiling of my big project!