Saturday, March 12, 2011

A lucky save

Just another reminder of how I need to 'domesticate' myself some more before I move out of home - I had no idea that linen shinks when you put it in the washing machine, and to my horror this dress came out looking like something you'd buy for a 3 year old... thankfully with a bit of effort I was able to stretch it out to something approximating its original dimensions. You wouldn't be able to tell now, would you?

I really am falling in love with 60s clothing. I think there may a mod inside me trying to break out! I don't have Twiggy's legs but A-line shifts are quite forgiving on my pear shape, and they're just so refreshingly easy and casual. I may just pop over to Illamasqua and invest in a good nude lipstick... watch this space!

Friday, March 4, 2011

And the winner is...

The contestants and the drawing pot...

A name is chosen...

Ginger from Sailing Over a Cardboard Sea!

Congratulations! Please email me at kibbleking (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au with your address, and I'll have this sent out as soon as possible!

Thanks all for participating, I hope to do more (better organized) giveaways in future :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Belated Valentine's Day

Since Valentine's Day occured two days before my chemistry exam, the boy and I decided we would put off celebrating it until I had more free time. He did stop by on the day bearing energy drinks and a rose, which was the perfect gift for studious little me! (I passed with a distinction, by the way!)

We finally got around to going on a proper date last weekend - a picnic in the park, followed by checking out a Disney exhibition at the ACMI, and then hitting the town. The dress I'm wearing was his gift to me - isn't it lovely? I seriously am a sucker for any dress with a sash or cape on the back, I find them impossibly chic.

Oh, you might have noticed - I caved and got my hair cut short again! I like it much more this time than the last. It's a better length and can be styled appropriately for a variety of eras.

The ducks at the park were so friendly, with a bit of coaxing I had them eating crusts out of my hand! One of them thought he was too good for crusts and was eying off my sandwich before the boy alerted me in the nick of time.

We capped off the date in a suitably Mad-Men fashion with cigars and too many cocktails at our favourite bar, Madame Brussels. I don't smoke cigarettes but I will try from time to time the more unusual varieties, like apple flavoured tobacco in a shisha or a vanilla cigar.

I'm only two days back into uni and already the workload is building - so I'm going to draw the giveaway tomorrow or I'll never get it done. So sorry again for the delay and the radio silence - I hope you enjoyed seeing this little catch up! I do have a few more posts planned, and some great products I'd like to alert you to. Until next time~