Monday, November 28, 2011

The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor at Christie's Auction House

Anybody have a spare couple of thousand? A collection of beautiful items from the wardrobe of that grand old dame, Elizabeth Taylor, are to go under the hammer at Christie's Auction House. Even better, I hear some of it will be available for sale online... if only I had the dosh!
Browsing the online catalogue I can only marvel at the exquisite and slightly eccentric taste of Taylor - she moved effortlessly through the fashions of the eras, always with her own unique pizazz.
This video showcases some of the highlights of the collection, along with some choice reflections from celebrities and designers about Taylor's style and personality.

 Damn did that girl have some serious bling! And she sure knew how to work a kaftan.

Christie's also has a blog that delves into the history behind the pieces and follows the exhibition on its travels - while it doesn't have much content yet, it may be worth keeping an eye on. See here!

My personal favourite is this luxurious ostrich feather gown. Please Santa?

More choice picks:

This dress, which Taylor wore to her wedding to Richard Burton, is estimated to reach a cool $40,000 - hurm, house deposit or dress...

I gotta stop looking or I'll short out my computer with drool.


Andi B. Goode said...

Wow. I think I'd better not look or I may cry ;) Just like I nearly did over the Debbie Reynolds catalogus. Sigh.
-Andi x

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