Saturday, October 29, 2011

Summer Shopping

Augh I want this Mondrian inspired rashie so bad! Hurry up first paycheck~!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tutankhamen: Age of the Pharaohs

To celebrate my last week of freedom before starting full time work, friends and I made the trip to see an exhibition at Melbourne Museum - Tutankhamen: Age of the Pharaohs. Originally the plan was to dress 1920s style to pretend we were at a showing of the 'recently' discovered artifacts, but in the end it was too difficult to convince the whole group to play along and there was not enough time to shop a good outfit. In the end I went 1920s inspired top half, ridiculously shiny pants that I love on the bottom half!

Outfit Details

Jacket: Sportsgirl
Blouse: Target
Pants: ASOS
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: Target

I love the kimono-esque styling on this velvet jacket - made me think it would be perfect for a 20s style outfit. One of the things I love most about fashions from that era is how they were really drawing on other cultures for inspiration in jewellery and clothing. This was really apparent in the Tutankhamen exhibition, where I quite often found myself marveling at how similar the jewellery found in the tomb was to art deco designs!

As for the exhibition itself, loved the amount and variety of artifacts on display as well as the explanations of their religious and cultural significance, but was disappointed at the lack of probing into some of the controversies regarding Tutankhamen such as his mysterious death at 19 (and the assorted broken bones in his autopsy) as well as the suspicious circumstances around the discovery of the tomb by Carter. Despite those minor quibbles, I found it excellent and would urge anybody in Melbourne to see it before it closes!

Am also fond of my new pair of glasses - the circular shape is perfect for when I am wearing clothes that predate the cat eye style (as much as I love it, the anachronistic clash is too strong!)

While parking the car we stumbled across this chair by the train tracks! Somebody clearly decided their front garden wasn't big enough and expanded into the bushes across the road - I love how it is even bordered with bricks!

Tomorrow I start a new job and am super nervous - any kind words would be really appreciated! Tea is helping but not enough :/

PS Don't forget about my Revlon Fire and Ice giveaway! I just realized I didn't nominate a closing date - it is now updated to close on the 14th of November!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Autumnal Palette and Giveaway!

I feel lucky to live within walking distance of several lovely nature reserves. It has gotten so warm though - by this stage I was deeply regretting my choice of long-sleeved top. I don't know why I feel so inspired by autumn colours lately, considering it is spring/summer here!

Outfit Details:

Shorts - Handmade! Yippee!
Blouse - ASOS
Shoes - Rubi Shoes

These shorts are the first item of clothing I've sewn for myself in quite a while - I used a vintage pattern for a beach outfit, and some leftover orange suede fabric from a costume. I'm quite chuffed with how it looks - I used a few new techniques, such as topstitching and lining pockets, and it came out so well!

A scraped knee + bandaid is the perfect accompaniment to your tomboyish attire...

I feel very bohemian-painter in this top - which is ironic, considering next week I start my first 9-5 job! The very opposite of bohemian.... oh well! At least I'll be able to practice getting my Joan/Peggy on!

And now, to the giveaway!

Giveaway: Revlon's Fire and Ice (Vintage Tube Re-release)

I'm offering one lucky lady a tube of the classic colour 'Fire and Ice' by Revlon, in a special, limited edition vintage style tube. The colour is a gorgeous yet hard to describe pinky-orangey-red: very flattering and not as in your face as straight up red. Depending on what liner you use, you can encourage it to pull a variety of directions - personally I love to bring out its coral nature with an orange liner.

Taller than the modern black tube (but sharing the same gold interior), this edition has ribbed silver casing with a cute little 'R' on top, and 'Revlon' engraved at the middle. I believe it looks just like the original tubes Revlon lipsticks came in. So not only do you get a fab lipstick shade, you get a historically accurate accessory! (In case it's not clear, you get a brand new one - the pictured one is my own).

To Enter:

1. You must be following this blog.
2. You must leave a comment on this post telling me your favourite lipstick shade + brand.
3. To earn an extra entry, you can blog about this giveaway! Simply link me to your post in a seperate comment.

This giveaway will close on the 14th of November, and is open internationally.

Good luck all!