Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Underbelly Razor

Underbelly is an Australian crime drama focusing on true stories from our history. I'd known for a while that the next series was going to be set in the 1920s, and wondered if they would focus on two of the more unusual gang leaders I read about in Crooks Like Us - Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine (see my post on this amazing book here). Lo and behold, the first teaser trailer for the series came out and I was right!

Underbelly Razor will be focusing on the story of the razor gangs, the pawns of the 'Queens of the Underworld' Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine. These two ladies came to power due to a legal loophole that allowed women to run brothels, but not men. Both used their brothels as a front for illegal gambling, sly grog and drugs. At the time, guns were not readily available, so Australian gang wars in the 20s were characterized by the use of razors instead of the tommy guns you asssociate with American figures. The rival gangs would often meet in violent brawls involving up to 50 men at a time! The short video below discusses the history further - warning, it does contain some graphic images.

Now, while Underbelly does stick to the facts of the stories it portrays, it has a tendency to 'sex it up' a little - okay, a lot. I have noticed in the posters, however, that at the very least the ladies wear a manicure with the moons and tips white, so the costume department has done their homework! Regardless of whether or not it ends up being 100% historically accurate, I think we're in for a dramatic ride.

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