Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outfit Catchup + Giveaway Reminder

I'm going to extend my giveaway until the end of this sunday, because I forgot to do a post reminding people to enter. Here's the link, don't forget to comment if you have not done so already!

I've fallen so behind in posting outfits, so here is just a taste of what I've been wearing lately:

Went to a winery for breakfast on my Dad's 50th birthday - was rather lovely! I had eggs benedict and a hot chocolate, mmm.

Not my car - I wish! The lavender dress was bought from Vintage Calling on Etsy, who is just the loveliest seller I've dealt with in a long time. It's a little big for me in the bust, so my next project is figuring out how to take it in without ruining the lovely pleating on the bust and the lace neckline.

My friend read about a local hot-rod show in the paper, so we got dolled up to check it out. It was amazing! Now to get my P plates...

The stalls did an absolutely roaring trade in parasols that day - the sun was unbearable!

We saw this car on the way home - can somebody please confirm if that is an air conditioner strapped to the car window?!

Hope you enjoyed seeing that little catchup; I'll will aim to make more of an effort to post regularly this year. Don't forget to enter my giveaway!


Paige Turner said...

Cute! I'm in the same boat with one of my dresses, but my MIL knows how to sew, so I'm hoping she'll help me take the bust in. If she give me any pointers, I'll pass them along!


Debi said...

Cute photos!!! Love the parasol with that dress too!

Lizzy said...

Lovely pictures!! I like your lavander dress! those cars are JUST amazing!! And I'll be waiting the giveaway!!

Hep~Kitten said...

Adorable outfits I really liked the touch of the green heels!!

KittyMeow said...

haha those things are called a breadbox - I think it is aircon of some sort. Cute.

As for the dress - very gorgeous. I can't tell if it's sleeveless but if it is, you can easily sew up both sides from the waist up to under the arms which will pull in the bust. It doesn't actually change the shape of the darts but I can't see how you could do that without affecting the pleating.
Alternatively, you could put a seam in the centre back of the dress, with the point at the bust and pulling more in as it goes higher.

OR, you could probably fiddle around with the edges of that pleating area??

Not sure without seeing the insides of the dress! Hope I've given you a few ideas though :-D

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

both are gorgeous dresses!! i love them each!! Happy birthday to your Dad! He's young! My dad is almost 64 in a few days!

Miss Tami Lee said...

You look so great in lavender! You should wear it all the time. And I've never been to a hot rod show, I'm all sorts of jealous!

Mia said...

im wish that car was also mine :) i happy i found your blog! will keep on following you!

greatings from Ghent


Lisa said...

What cute dresses! I love the one your wore to the hot rod show, the pattern is killer.

Miss Amethyst said...

so pretty ***

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