Friday, January 14, 2011

My New Neighbours: Part 2

We've been experiencing heavy rainfall here lately - of course it is only a fraction of the disastrous flooding that is happening up in Queensland, but some of that wet weather is passing through NSW and Victoria currently. One small upside to this unusually wet summer is that one of my neighbours, who up until now was 'heard and not seen', has finally shown his face now that our garden is like a nice big swamp!

Mr. Frog here has a very big voice for such a little fellow - I can hear him croaking outside my room all day and night, asking the ladies to join him in our water feature! I had no idea he was so tiny - just though he hid very well. My sister and I found him sitting on our damp front step the other evening, and I scooped him up gently while asking her to run and get my camera so that I could show my parents (who were out) the source of our noise.

I could still hear croaking, so I went looking to see if Mr. Frog had friends over for once - maybe this one was his girlfriend? She was so unbelievably tiny! I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for tadpoles in our fountain now!

P.S. I'm glad the rain has made you happy, little guy, but look what the humidity is doing to my hair!


Steph said...

He's cute! The rain has driven all kinds of animals into our house, there's a palm-sized spider on the ceiling... Very very sweet little frog. :)

Ginger said...

What a tiny frog! So cute.

Glad to hear you are not experiencing the terrible flooding.

Lisa said...

Look at that tiny guy! It's neat he let you pick him up.

Miss Tami Lee said...

Aww how adorable!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I LOVE frogs. I want to play with them too!!! goodness . . .stop making me miss owning loads of frogs like I used to. . . just a couple more years and I can again (when my boys are able to understand them well enough).

Vireya said...

What a cutie! He looks like he could be a Common Froglet.

Miss Emmi said...

Vireya - I thought so too, but we heard about a frog census in the paper (they conduct them to test the health of waterways) and the website has recordings of their calls, since most people don't normally see their frogs! From the distinctive sound of the call (it's like two stones being hit together) we think these two might have been juvenile spotted marsh frogs.

Steph - Eep! I'm glad we have frogs and not spiders!

Justice Pirate - Oooh, if you ever do get frogs again please post pictures! They're so cute.

esme and the lane way said...

Oh hello Mr Frog! And Teeny tiny frog! They are toooooo cute. I love frogs :) *ribbit ribbit*

lydiawhispers said...

I live in CA, and we have had very cold weather. Rescued a hummingbird who the idiot
bldg crew said was expired. No, he was just cold and stunned - held him for hours to warm him up, gave him sugar water, and lo and behold "Fred" was ready to fly off. Only he now lives in my garden and always says "hello"

Kudos to you for the frog pictures, and they are both so dear. I hope you sneaked a quick froggy kiss for a prince to arrive.

You have such a positive soul.

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