Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting My Domestic On + Apron Goddess Giveaway

These holidays, I'm teaching myself to cook so that I can justify buying kitsch homewares and cute vintage aprons - on the subject of which, The Apron Goddess is holding a giveaway for the most darling Christmas themed apron. I'm crossing my fingers for winning this one since my family is hosting Christmas lunch this year, and as my mother is one of 6 children (who have 2-5 children each) it gets pretty hectic in the kitchen in trying to feed everybody!

I got this apron from a garage sale down the street (along with a shadow box and bakelite scales - score!). I just love the cross-stitching in the gingham pattern and the ricrac trim - it looks a little eye-blinding on camera but it's quite cute in person!

In case you're curious, that plate is a breakfast fry-up for my boyfriend and myself to give us energy for a big day of cooking (mostly pastry kneading and rolling for him, those big hands are way more efficient than mine!)

Toasted sourdough drizzled with olive oil, oven roasted tomatoes with camembert, and eggs.

Afghan cookies

Delicious chicken pot pie, and in the background a baked white chocolate and berry cheesecake.

Now I'm no food blogger or gourmet chef, but considering I used to burn soup from out of a can this is a pretty big acheivement for me. Looking forward to eating the delicious pot pie leftovers tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Daily Outfit: Freedom!

Today was my last day of exams. I'm hoping I did well, but I don't want to get ahead of myself as I know I didn't perform the best that I could on several assignments. Oh well! What's done is done, and to celebrate my newfound freedom the boy and I got lunch and went to see 'The Town' (which, by the way, was pretty great). I also did a bit of Christmas shopping - it's alarming how fast that is creeping up on us!

I decided to keep those shoes from my last post - I think they go quite nicely with this new (well, new to me) dress. I got it off Etsy during one of my exam-stress induced shopping binges

(Whoops - I just realized from looking at these photos that I forgot to put mascara on. I hate when I do that!)

You'll have to forgive my poker-straight hair; I was in a rush in the morning (as evidenced by my mascara fail!) and couldn't find a hair tie. I should probably get around to making an appointment to have my hair cut... it's embarrassing to admit but I haven't been for 12 months! I don't get many split ends because I don't use any heat treatments on my hair or brush it a lot (I find my natural curls just become a frizzy mess if I brush it between washes). This time last year my hair was this long:

That's a good few inches of growth! I don't think I want to get it cut that short again, it was too much work having to pincurl it every night. I want the option of a lazy ponytail or last minute up-do for my super early lectures. I suppose I will have to go scouring the web for inspiration - suggestions from you lovely readers are always welcome!

That's all for now - it's really good to be back!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Shoes - Your Opinions Please!

Ladies, I want to ask your opinion on these new shoes I bought - a pair of comfy white wedges from Rivers. The issue with them is the high vamp - I think it makes them look awfully similar to some of the lovely 1930s styles I've seen on The Vintage Baroness' blog, but my mother thinks they'll make my legs look stumpy...

So I'm asking, ladies - what do you think of these shoes? Vintage-y pretty, or return them pronto? (I kept the receipt just in case.) And if you do like them, what would you wear them with? I'm thinking my Heyday! trousers once I finish altering them, but I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello Again + Giveaway

Hello again everyone! I've really been missing blogging so I'm going to be attempting to post a bit more often. In about a week's time I'll be through with exams; I have a LOT of Etsy purchases to share with you all (I ensured that I would have a steady stream of parcels arriving to keep my spirits up while studying) and I finally bought a new camera so I can do take lots more outfit shots!

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your positive and supportive comments on my last entry. I've been going back to read them every so often when I feel in need of a bit of extra motivation; it's really helped me to start talking about my depression and anxiety openly and in turn being reassured that people won't treat me any differently or think less of me. I haven't really started to feel much different yet, but I've been referred to a psychologist and will be starting that part of my treatment soon. Some days I've struggled with the thought that the antidepressants are only making me numb to all emotions, rather than dealing with the sadness, and there have been a lot of side effects in the adjustment period (nausea, lack of appetite and sleep, feeling tired and foggy most of the time, bizarre and vivid nightmares) - however, I'm determined to at least stick it out for a few more months to see if any change occurs.

The new house that I've moved to is in a really peaceful location - it feels like we are living in the country (even though we only moved about 5 streets away from our old house!) There are horses, a wide variety of birds, a blue tongue lizard that I feed from time to time, and absolutely adorable bunnies everywhere (they are feral and considered a pest in Australia, but gosh-darn it they are too cute to stay mad at for long!) However, the other night I discovered a downside to living closer to nature. I was reaching for something under my bed and noticed a spider web, so got the insect spray and gave it a blast. When the inhabitant of said web ran out and flopped about my feet I noticed in horror that it had a tell-tale, red hourglass shaped stripe down its back. Meaning, of course, that a redback, one of the deadliest spiders in Australia had been living under my bed (brb moving to a country where the animals are less deadly. I mean, I love you Australia but there is a reason tourists are scared to come here!)

Of course, finding a deadly insect inches from where you sleep is not great for those with anxiety issues (or anybody, I'm sure!) so I was up till about 3am vacuuming every corner of my room and shaking out my clothes 'just in case'. While I was going through all my stuff I rediscovered some items I had purchased for a giveaway months ago and completely forgotten about (don't worry, they were completely sealed in a plastic bag so they're safe) - that means that pretty soon it will be giveaway time! I'd love to get these items to a new home by Christmas so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks again to everybody for their patience and support, I really have missed this!