Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daylesford Spa Weekend: Part 3 (The finds)

The car troubles I mentioned in my last post got resolved when my friend Simon (in the leather jacket) gave the bonnet a whack, Fonz style.


As it turned out, Daylesford had the most amazing thrift stores and markets - I only wish I had brought more money with me! I missed out on the most amazing set of harlequin Nallyware (in absolutely pristine condition, for about a quarter of what I'd pay on ebay) because I saw it at the end of the day and I was completely out of money! Boo :( However, I did get a lot of great things (I keep saying that but I'm not quite consoled over the Nallyware loss yet...) and for very reasonable prices - I'm tempted to go back again just to shop, hahaha!

First up, a set of Japanese stacking lacquer boxes - these are currently sitting on my vanity storing bobby pins and other bits and pieces.

A lipstick holder - perfect for the Tiffany blue bedroom I dream of!

Bakelite salt and pepper shakers - in need of a good clean, but otherwise very cute! They are more red than they appear here.

These very lovely fur lined leather gloves - they fit me like, well, a glove! I have short fingers so it is nice to find a pair that fit like they should - any they are soooooooooo warm and comfortable, I never want to take them off!

A vintage compact - it's in okay shape, though its original price tag left a sort of discolored spot, and some gunk from storage has ended up inside and beneath the pan. I'm thinking of cleaning it up, then repressing my MAC powder into it.

Vintage suitcase - this is currently storing my hats, but it is in such great shape that I feel I really should at least take it away for one weekender...

I also got given some Carlton Ware jam dishes for free (one of the stall owners decided he didn't want to clean up at the end of the day, so gave everything away...). Both have minor chips around the edges, and one has some pretty bad crazing, but I'm going to do what I can to repair the broken parts and see if I can find a use for them. They are in boxes at the other house, so sadly no photos for now.

Don't forget my ebay auctions are ending in one day! Sponsor my new pair of Heyday trousers :P

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daylesford Spa Weekend: Part 2

(Sorry for the breaks between posting these; I've been busy packing and moving boxes between houses! I think I need to own less stuff, this is taking forever!)

From where we left off:

The next stop on Saturday was the Chocolate Mill, which I was attracted to because they offered free demonstrations! Mmm, chocolate porn. Once we arrived, I was amazed by the owners' dedication to being socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and suitable for people with allergies, while at the same time producing the best quality chocolate I had ever tasted! They built the store themselves out of earth and straw, and most of their power is sourced from solar panels on the roof. They don't use palm oil, recycle EVERYTHING, and get their chocolate from a European company that in turn buys their cocoa from free trade sources, and takes sugar from beets instead of canes. Almost all of their chocolates were suitable for people with gluten, lactose or other allergies (because of this, my friend was able to buy chocolates for a friend who had never eaten chocolate! Best of all, they deliver so after she sees what she was missing out on she can get more!)

I found out during the talk that most of what is labelled as 'chocolate' here could not be sold in Europe due to not having the minimum amount of coco solids - I felt like I'd been lied to all my life! D: I was really impressed with their dedication to quality, and it definitely came through in their chocolates (which were, by the way, delicious!) I feel like I've really been spoiled now - we went to another chocolate cafe the next day and it just did not compare :( even though it was more expensive, grrr...

The best part of the demonstration was watching them make the chocolate casings - the moulds are filled with chocolate, allowed to set a little, and then emptied, leaving the thinnest shell. I swear I dreamt about chocolate rain that night!

Their delicious hot chocolates were just melted chocolate mixed with milk - none of that powdered junk!

That night after dinner (delicious rabbit and pan fried gnocchi) we played monopoly - I didn't do so well, as you can see below!

That's nine dollars and all my mortgaged properties, about half an hour in. Yeah, I'm that bad!

I was excited about heading to the Sunday markets the next morning, but what is a holiday without car trouble?

Until next time!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daylesford Spa Weekend: Part 1

This entry is going to be a little heavy on the pictures so I think I'll break it up into sections - I hope you don't mind! Last weekend I took a mini-break with some close friends (we all kinda needed one) - our destination of choice? The spa/mineral springs capital of Australia! Of course, a 100% relaxing weekend was not to be as we are all terribly unorganized and forgot to pack warm clothes (seriously, it is freezing there! We were warming up our crackers and cheese on a bbq in a park), however, a local op-shop came to our rescue with its "everything is $2" sale! I assure you, under about 3 chunky grandma cardigans there is a carefully planned vintage outfit, you just cannot see it :(

First stop on Friday was the Hepburn springs mineral spa - an utterly gorgeous place surrounded by peaceful bushland. It had huge pane windows everywhere so you got to enjoy the beautiful scenery while relaxing in bliss! My favourite part would have to be the spa couches: a headrest, footrest and armrests to keep you in place, while your entire body is supported by spa jets. Sheer heaven! We canceled our plans for the afternoon so we could stay there for hours! (Which in retrospect may have been a mistake, as immediately afterwards my lips flared up and my rash came back - probably due to the heat inside.)

My What Katie Did swimsuit arrived with bent boning and is in need of repairs, but luckily I managed to order in this one on time from For Luna. Their shipping is so fast! It's really beautiful, I've never felt so comfortable and confident in swimwear.

Our gorgeous view (and heavenly spa couches)!

Chillin' on the relaxation deck to dry off.

The Bed and Breakfast we were staying at was built in 1910, and had a ton of gorgeous antique furniture and fittings. It was right beside the lake as well, so we had absolutely amazing views (except in the morning, when the fog was like something out of a horror movie)!

Dun dun dun....

Saturday morning we went to visit a place with a hedge maze and mini golf course. It was, again, freezing, so we were the only people there (which was actually pretty great - we could run around and act like kids without anybody watching!)

In the process of getting infinity over par on the course...

Oooh, you know this next part is gonna be good... :D See you next time!