Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daylesford Spa Weekend: Part 2

(Sorry for the breaks between posting these; I've been busy packing and moving boxes between houses! I think I need to own less stuff, this is taking forever!)

From where we left off:

The next stop on Saturday was the Chocolate Mill, which I was attracted to because they offered free demonstrations! Mmm, chocolate porn. Once we arrived, I was amazed by the owners' dedication to being socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and suitable for people with allergies, while at the same time producing the best quality chocolate I had ever tasted! They built the store themselves out of earth and straw, and most of their power is sourced from solar panels on the roof. They don't use palm oil, recycle EVERYTHING, and get their chocolate from a European company that in turn buys their cocoa from free trade sources, and takes sugar from beets instead of canes. Almost all of their chocolates were suitable for people with gluten, lactose or other allergies (because of this, my friend was able to buy chocolates for a friend who had never eaten chocolate! Best of all, they deliver so after she sees what she was missing out on she can get more!)

I found out during the talk that most of what is labelled as 'chocolate' here could not be sold in Europe due to not having the minimum amount of coco solids - I felt like I'd been lied to all my life! D: I was really impressed with their dedication to quality, and it definitely came through in their chocolates (which were, by the way, delicious!) I feel like I've really been spoiled now - we went to another chocolate cafe the next day and it just did not compare :( even though it was more expensive, grrr...

The best part of the demonstration was watching them make the chocolate casings - the moulds are filled with chocolate, allowed to set a little, and then emptied, leaving the thinnest shell. I swear I dreamt about chocolate rain that night!

Their delicious hot chocolates were just melted chocolate mixed with milk - none of that powdered junk!

That night after dinner (delicious rabbit and pan fried gnocchi) we played monopoly - I didn't do so well, as you can see below!

That's nine dollars and all my mortgaged properties, about half an hour in. Yeah, I'm that bad!

I was excited about heading to the Sunday markets the next morning, but what is a holiday without car trouble?

Until next time!


Rachel said...

Looks like you're having a fab time! And now I really feel like chocolate.

Lady Betty said...

Wow! That chocolate looks divine! Now, I want chocolate! I cannot watch "Chocolat" without having a craving!

Justice Pirate said...

. . chocolate. . delicious.

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