Sunday, August 8, 2010

Faux Bob

It seems like my hair will forever be in that weird inbetween stage between short and medium length hair. I haven't cut it since I first got the chop 8 months ago, and I feel like it's barely grown since then! I've come to the conclusion that short hair wasn't really for me, and am patiently waiting for my hair to grow back to the way it once was so I can go get a middy cut or something similar.

While it is tempting to go back to a shorter length just so I can look styled, rather than this awkward growing out look I'm rocking at the moment, I know that in the end I'll only have to go through the same cycle all over again. I attempted pincurls in my hair last night, which were a bit of a failure, but I managed to save the day AND discover a way to assuage my cravings to try something different with the length of my hair (without actually cutting any of it off!)

All I had to do was tuck up the end of my hair (where the curl didn't take) and voila! Instant bob! No regretful morning after when I wake up with a head that weighs about half a kilo less (yup, that's how much 'weight' I lost when I first cut my hair!)

I think I'll be playing around with this style a lot come summertime when I want to feel the cool breeze on my neck and look adorable in my 50s dresses. Best of both worlds!


Steph said...

Funny you should post on faux, bobs... I've been thinking about them lately, how to engineer such a thing successfully. My hair is long, I want to keep it long, but if I want to wear little cloche hats in the summer I have to work something out... Great idea. Have you seen Audrey Tatou's hair in "The Very Long Engagement"? She does some faux-bobbing because it is the 20's when everyone mostly did it, but she's the type of girl who would ultimately keep her length. Interesting braids and such. I'll make a post when I figure it out.

Andi B. Goode said...

It looks great! I like it. =]
-Andi x

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