Thursday, July 22, 2010

I dream of...Emmi!

Dun dun dun... it is... complete!

It was a mad rush, but I finished my Jeannie costume just in time for the toy sale (my poor fingers need a break - time constraints and hand sewing do not mix!) I'm overall really happy with how it turned out, and it was a really fun costume to wear - people kept asking if I was cold, but the heating is up so high where I work (plus I was on my feet dealing with crowds non-stop for 10 hours) so I was actually overheating! I wish I could show you a picture of one of my coworkers - he painted himself blue and went as a Navi from Avatar! 4 showers later and it still isn't coming off, apparently!

The crop top was a disaster the first time around, as the simple boob-tube I made was far too saggy and loose. I eventually bought a cheap bra, added cotton and interfacing to give myself more coverage and covered the whole thing in pink chiffon. While that worked much better, I'm still not 100% happy with the end result as it hangs down at the back and the bolero is too short to cover it. This might be a consequence of the halterneck straps I chose for the support, so when Halloween rolls around I think I'll play around with them a little to see if anything can be done.

As you can see it's a bit of a mess from this angle - I'm not quite sure what I can do so any suggestions for fixes would be much appreciated! Hey, at least I looked damn fine from the front!


A lot of young kids actually recognized me, which was a pleasant surprise - I wasn't sure if many people still watched the show! I was able to use my genie magic to solve a few tricky problems for some customers. I was serving a woman who was complaining about how she couldn't find one particular toy - just as she finished describing it to me, a coworker passed me by carrying a trolley of items to be returned to the sales from, and lo and behold, one of them was exactly what she wanted! I plucked it off the top and passed it to her, folded my arms and nodded, and she immediately broke out into laughter. (Besides being entertaining, getting in character is a great way to defuse some potentially volatile situations where things are not going right and shoppers are not happy!)

Looking at these pictures, I think I also need a wig that better matches the colour of the braid I used on the hat... Anyway, sorry about the picspam. I'm just pink with happiness about what I did manage to achieve, regardless of all the flaws. Hopefully I'll have fixed these minor quibbles by Halloween, when my Major Nelson will be ready to hit the town with me!



Great to see you again !!! Your costume is fantastic. I could imagine easily the marvelous things you will be able to do when you will have got a real sew machine !!!

I have no patience with hand sewing !!!

You look in great shape.



harbourmaster said...

I LOVE IT! It's so Jeannie! And hello amazing abs, If I walked out of the house in a crop top kids would be running...That's such a cute way to make work more enjoyable on a day that would otherwise be stressful, I hope it was fun!

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

I grew up watching the show and think you did a marvelous job re-creating her costume. Bravo. clapping wildly!

Mystery Flight Vintage said...

you did a great job with this costume, well done!

Molly said...

You look super cute, awesome costume!

Vireya said...

Brilliant costume! And congratulations on keeping your sense of humour after 10 hours of dealing with crowds of customers.

Stefanie Valentine said...

You look gorgeous! The costume looks fantastic, you're so talented! x

Charlotte said...

Super cute - love it! :)

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

Naomi said...


Andi B. Goode said...

You look amazing!
-Andi x

Miss Emmi said...

Thanks so much everybody!

Harbourmaster - abs? me? never! It's just great costume design - the waistband nicely hides away the evidence of my couch potato lifestyle.

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