Sunday, June 20, 2010

Spots and Stripes

This dress is something I bought way back when I was first getting into vintage and had no idea about etsy and ebay or appropriate pricing. I don't even want to talk about how much I got conned into paying for this dress! That said, I'm still fond of it... it suits me well, I love the topstitching details and it is so very warm (not a single natural fibre in the thing!) When I went shopping at this vintage store with a friend, the owner wanted to be helpful and picked out things that would suit us, but after giving my curvy, voluptuous friend the nicest 50s dresses in the store, she gave me one look and said "the late sixties and seventies would probably suit a skinny, leggy thing like you well". Crushed! I wanna be voluptuous! I want swishy 50s dresses!

It has a very college-girl feel, doesn't it?

My most favourite shoes ever!

If my dermatologist could see me now I'd be in big trouble, but you know what? I've been incapable of falling asleep before 4am the past week, and during the day my depression has been so bad I just lie on the floor staring at the ceiling. I haven't left the house in two weeks; and when I do actually get to go out it's for an exam - I really need a mood boost. Hence, the red lipstick! I'll probably be paying for it later, but I don't mind. I need a little armor before going outside and facing the world (and an exam that I am totally not prepared for).

I even did my hair! Watch out, world!

Bye bye! Wish me luck!


Camelia Crinoline said...

I know how that feels. Good luck with your exam.
The dress is lovely. Leaving the house feeling pretty, even it's to go to an exam, always makes me feel better.

Stitcherella said...

Great outfit! Dressing up is one of the best treatments for depression. Love the shoes.

Debi said...

OMG. LOVE the dress and love, love, love the shoes!

Andi B. Goode said...

Oh, psssh. Has she seen Audrey Hepburn? She looked just as amazing in swishy, pretty 50s dresses and she was as skinny and leggy as they come. (Though you would still look awesome in the 60s/70s stuff if you ever wanted to ;]) And you look fantastic. Red lipstick always helps me face the world.
-Andi x

Justice Pirate said...

i REALLY REALLY love the shoes!!!

Una said...

Even if it doesn't actually help anything, I know how that feels...

You look great, as always. :) I really love that dress. It's got this great late 30's/early 40's feel to it, very "collegiate"-style. And those shoes are just fab! Really adorable!

Good luck for the exam!

Miss Emmi said...

Thanks everybody! Andi, great point about Audrey - I will remember that next time I am bemoaning my lack of curves.

Today's exam was fine, although getting there was the problem - there was an armed gunman lose in the city and the entire place went into lockdown! No trains or cars were allowed into the area, so I couldn't get to my testing hall. Thankfully no-one was hurt, but I made the attendant and policeman at the train station sign a note for me just in case the exam supervisors scolded me!

Stefanie Valentine said...

What a lovely dress, it does suit you a lot. And I know what you mean, I have a few items of vintage clothing that I balk at when I think of the cost I bought it at, some people are too mean when they take advantage of naive girls!

Gosh, thank goodness no one was hurt, what a crazy day that was!

Charlotte said...

Ooh, channeling librarian chic - I like it!

And sure you can wear swishy 50s dresses! And you can also work the 20s and early 30s like a hollywood starlet :)

Hope the exam went well!

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny

harbourmaster said...

You look gorgeous, bugger the dermatologist!

Diya said...

those shoes are absolutely darling! love that dress too... they go perfectly together.

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