Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh, What a Night

I'm finally free of exams! The last one was, surprisingly, a breeze - 60 multiple choice questions for a two hour exam! I was outta there in 45 minutes. In wonderful timing, I got to go see Jersey Boys with my family and boyfriend the very next day. A lovely reward for all my hard work!

I really enjoyed the show; it was extremely entertaining and I was surprised at just how many songs I knew. The man playing Nicky looked sooooo much like Will Arnett (Gob on Arrested Development) - and his character was a little like the type Will Arnett typically plays as well! I had to keep squinting to make sure it wasn't him! We had an understudy performing Frankie Valli; it was so sweet to see him break character and give a huge grin after performing "Can't take my eyes off you" when it was clear that the crowd adored him anyway.

Of course, I got dressed up; however I only managed to take three quick photos before I left so I apologise in advance for their blurriness!

The dress is a modern find - it is actually a lot nicer than it looks; there is a lot of gorgeous black on black topstitching that did not photograph well. I bought it off ebay assuming it would fit me as I have another dress from the same brand and I figured I knew their sizing - wrong! Even a What Katie Did merry widow couldn't stop me from splitting the seam at the zip later in the night. Either that, or it was not "brand new without tag" as the seller had advertised... hurm. Regardless, I have some repairing to do tomorrow!

The hat is a lovely vintage find, and part of my fail-safe 5 minute hair routine - one fat curl in the front, shove the rest under a hat and you are good to go!

Unfortunately, I can't launch into sewing now that I'm on holiday as my family has made the very sudden decision to sell our house and move! The sewing cabinet has to stay under the house so that the study looks more spacious while we are having house inspections - alas! Maybe I'll have to take up knitting instead. The move itself will not be until late september, but I had to box up all my small valuables before the open house as people are, unfortunately, not to be trusted :( I've heard so many horror stories that I was not going to take any chances. I find bubble wrapping things to be soothing, but I'm already feeling a little daunted by the prospect of moving all my belongings - I have so much stuff! It's amazing how easily the boxes fill up :/

I have my patch testing on monday, so I won't be able to exercise for that week - not like that is a dramatic change or anything, but I am hoping to get back into the swing dancing lessons once that is over. Hopefully I'll be able to work regular sessions into my timetable next semester.

(Also, I had no idea what "Oh, What a night" was about until I saw Jersey Boys - I can't sing along to it now without thinking of Bob Gaudio's first time with a prostitute! Thanks guys!)


Lecon de vetement said...

I love your hat!

Ruby Rach said...

Love your outfit, and congrats on finishing your exams!

And also, how fabulous was Jersey Boys! I've had Frankie Valli in my head ever since.

Emma said...

fab outfit emmi!


WOW the dress is stunning !

Stefanie Valentine said...

I have always wanted to see Jersey Boys, the music alone would be fantastic. And I never what "Oh What a Night" was about either until I read this, haha!
Your dress looks lovely, and I agree that hats are fab when your hair is not behaving itself!

Miss_Tami_Lee said...

i LOVE your square-toe oxfords! And I sympathize with the eBay frustrations... My idea of "BNOWT" seems to vary vastly from most sellers...


Hello Miss Emmi, just stopping here to said hello and i hope everything is ok for you.



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