Sunday, June 6, 2010

Love yourself, love others, love vintage.

Anyone who has not yet read the inspiring post by Britanny Va-voom Vintage needs to run on over and check it out right away!

I've been thinking about this post for quite a while, but each time that I tried to come up with 5 things I love about myself I would get stuck. I've struggled with low self esteem for so long; it was a real challenge to make a list without qualifying each item with "I'd like this more if it weren't so...." or "If this was only a little more..." When I finally came up with 5 items, I realized they were all things that other people have complimented me on in the past - and that's why I really want to encourage each and every one of you to pass this on. The difference a compliment can make to somebody's self image is phenomenal. We get bombarded with messages from the media that our teeth aren't white enough, our hair isn't straight enough, our skin is not smooth nor unblemished enough - it's no wonder that people really need to get that validation from other to say "yes, you are beautiful!"

And so, without further ado: Things that I love about Me.

1.) My feet.
I have very small feet with high, narrow arches, and I love how dainty and delicate they look. I love to paint my toes all colours - I don't feel 'done' unless I do, even though nobody else can see them (but having green toes makes me smile when I come home and kick off my heels). Maybe I have a cinderella complex, but they're basically my favourite feature about myself (and having several 'foot enthusiasts' for friends ensures that I am always receiving generous compliments/respectful massages!)

2.) My bootayyyyy
I may have a small butt, but I like its shape, and I like the way it sways when I walk. I feel grown up, I feel powerful and I feel sexy when I strut down the street with my hips swinging from side to side.

3.) My jaw
I hated my jaw for the longest time... it sticks out so much more than everybody else's. It was only when I was offered the chance to reduce its size through surgery by my orthodontist that I was forced to consider whether I really hated it all that much. And whether changing it would be changing vital aspects of myself. I spent a lot of time looking in mirrors and decided that my jaw made me look haughty and proud. It made me look strong. It makes me carry myself with my head held high and shows my force of will. I'm really glad I never changed that part of myself (though I am extremely grateful to my parents who gave me braces not once but twice when the first time didn't take - my supergrowing jaw was to blame for that).

4.) My hair
I'm extremely proud of being a natural redhead. I was bullied for it as a child, and for a long time I hated how it made me stand out. I hated being different. But as I grew older, I realized how unique and lucky I was to have that colour hair. It connected me to my Irish grandmother. It made my mother's hairdresser friend experiment with dye mixing just so she could come close to my shade. Even though it is darkening as I age (probably related to the amount of time I spend indoors studying) being a redhead is still something that is defining of not just how I look, but my personality as well.

5.) My eyes
Having green eyes is another thing that I felt connected me to my Irish heritage. I'm including my glasses in this category, as I honestly feel like they are a part of me, I wear them so often! I feel strange when I see myself without them. I think that when a girl finds a pair of glasses that really suit her face, they make more prominent the best parts about it - for me, they make me look more delicate and emphasise my heart-shaped face. I love them! It's been really hard to think about getting a new pair!

Now, the next part of this task is to pick 5 people and describe what feature of theirs I love and envy! Some of these girls aren't bloggers, but they are the first ones who came to mind when I did the task (and I'll definitely be telling them exactly what I love about them!)

1.) My friend Jannette's hands - total piano playing gorgeousness. Her fingers are long and slender, and her nails always perfectly shaped (and they just grow like that!) She was chosen to be the hand model for a training video where I worked - she didn't tell me but I could immediately spot them out!

2.) My sister's lips and eyelashes - this girl does not need mascara. She has the fattest, most curved eyelashes I've ever seen, and they only serve to accentuate her doe-like eyes. Think Anne Hathaway! Gorgeousness. And her giant lips are like pillows! I can pretend with lipstick and gloss, but she has such amazing natural beauty.

3.) Big Mama's height and hair - when I was a little girl I used to obsessively follow and attempt to befriend the tallest girls in the school with the longest hair. Maybe it's because they look so strong and capable (and the heroine in one of my favourite books had long black hair - I used to want to dye mine so bad! I love how it looks on others). I find tall women beautiful, and Big Mama is all kinds of fierce. I adore her and her glossy, jet black hair.

4.) Pink Champagne for Dancing's hair - so bouncy and curly! I just want to doink those curls. I'm so happy that she has embraced her natural hair texture because I think it is truly beautiful.

5.) Stefanie Valentine's eyes and smile - there's just something about this girl! It's hard to put into word, but she has such a gorgeous face, and when she smiles it all lights up. Her eyes sparkle and it is just infectious.

So there you have it! Please, make sure to pass the love on - I think it's a wonderful thing and could probably spend all day raving about all you gorgeous ladies, but I have to study so you're going to have to share some of the work with me! Not just online either - if you like the way somebody has done their hair, or the way they have put together an outfit, tell them so! I do this at work all the time and I love watching people's faces brighten up when for once, somebody tells them that they look GOOD! It's really important to remind people of the positives when there are so many messages out there that threaten to drown us in negatives.


Pixie Drive-In said...

Oh, this is such a lovely post! I completely agree it's important to say something positive to someone once in awhile. I know very well we often forget how important it is. Thanks for sharing!

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Miss Emmi you are adorable...Thank you for your post.


Pink Champagne said...

You're so sweet! Thank you for the wonderful compliment. You have made my day!!

Stefanie Valentine said...

Oh what a sweet thing for you to say, your compliment has made me smile so much! Whenever i compliment someone they really appreciate it, the media needs to concentrate more on the positive instead of all the negativity and the world would be a much happier place!
I too love your tiny feet, i love girls with dainty tootsies! xxx


Thanks you Miss Emmi. What was my surprise to see my pic today on the blog updates !

Being tall is cool and uncool. First it's not easy with modern men because they are chickelettes but in an another way it's so cool to bit the ass of assholes ha ha ha ( Tura Satana get off my brain !!! ha ha ha ha :)
My only regret it's have giant feet. You are so lucky to have tiny feet, it's so beautifull.

Thank you again.

Olivia Warrior Princess :)

Miss_Tami_Lee said...

I am actually very jealous that you have such gorgeous red hair :)

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