Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Too tall for vintage? / Very small sale

I need to start paying more attention to the sizes listed on items I buy - I made three purchases in the last week that I am apparently just too tall for! The perfect pair of cigarette pants ended up as capris on me :( and I'm fairly certain that stockings are not meant to finish just over my knee. Boo.

I am normally pretty good about making sure my hip, bust and waist size align with the listing, but I keep forgetting that women were (apparently) a lot shorter back then. I really struggle with finding fully fashioned stockings that fit me properly, as I have a VERY small foot, but rather long legs. I may have to stop holding out somebody to list the estate of a tall, dainty-footed lady, and just stock up on What Katie Did cheapies. It is getting colder and I ruined about half of my stockings by doing the handwashing with a jagged fingernail - oops!

I wish I had an outfit post to share, but I have been staying at home to work on assignments, and I am being terribly lazy and just wearing my (admittedly smashing) pjs all day. In my defense, I'm waiting for an order of sweaters I made to arrive - it is just too cold to be wearing anything that is not 100% wool or flannelette! My mother, sister and I are going to see Jersey Boys after our exams, so hopefully I can get all dolled up for that!

(Oh, my boyfriend is helping me sell the items that didn't quite fit on ebay, if anyone is interested! )


Justice Pirate said...

I've been there too. I am 5'9"
gotta love being tall! everything is so mini for us.

What's Jersey Boys?

Miss Emmi said...

I didn't even think I was that tall! I'm just hitting 5'7" - I think it's just in comparison to some of the women of the past.

Jersey Boys is a musical currently showing in Melbourne; it tells the story of the rock and roll band The Four Seasons. I'm super excited!

Stefanie Valentine said...

Don't WKD have any stockings for the long legged ladies? I have the opposite as i have short legs and the suspender straps don't shorten enough for me and i end up with stockings falling down my legs!
I have always wanted to see Jersey Boys, the clips i have seen of it look amazing!

Emma said...

Being 5'1 and 3/4 (that 3/4 is very important! lol!) I never have this problem!

Andi B. Goode said...

Oh, gosh, I want to see Jersey Boys. *cry*
I'm 5'3 so I don't have that problem - I sometimes have the opposite but that's OK. I love those pants but evidently, while I'm the right height, I'm a little too big in other areas. ;]
I like my stockings to sit well up on my thigh so I often have similar troubles with vintage ones.
-Andi x

Maggi said...

I've got the opposite problem with being too short, all my 50s dresses need to be hemmed in a major way. LOL

Emma Louise said...

Too tall for vintage... I hear ya! In fact, that's why I'm learning to sew in the first place. If I can't find the real deal, well then I'll just make it myself!

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