Saturday, May 1, 2010

Collection Envy - My Aunt

Last night I went to visit my Auntie's house. I felt like all of a sudden, now that my interest in vintage collectibles is broadening from just clothes to things home decor, art movements and such, that my eyes were opened to what an amazing collection of things my Auntie has. Unlike me, she has little interest in vintage clothing, but her house is packed to the rafters with Art Deco telephones and radios. BAKELITE WAS EVERYWHERE. I finally know what it feels and sounds like (I've never had a piece of my own and was too scared to get ripped off online without being able to test a piece's authenticity) - now I can opshop with a little more knowledge under my belt.

My Auntie also collects a lot of 1930s era crockery and homewares, an area which I find both alluring and daunting at the same time. The wealth of knowledge she has about her favourite design movements floors me - there is so much to know about registration numbers, stamps, how to value pieces that I wouldn't even know where to begin. But I want to! It's like when I watch The Collectors - the amount some people know about these very niche areas of history astounds me. Not to mention the number of items related to their obsessions that they are able to collect! If you ever get a chance, do watch an episode. To my overseas readers, even though it is an Australian show I am fairly certain you can watch segments online. Clicky!

The find of hers that probably makes me the most jealous is this set of Gayware canisters in perfect condition - she purchased it for only $10! I saw a similar set go on ebay for $150 just last week! D:

(Sorry for the terrible picture quality, I took it with my phone. The small items to the front left are a set of bakelite spice containers, and the rest of the crockery and glassware is from the 1930s. I would show you some of her telephone and radio collection but it was rather dark when I was over, and none of the photographs are clear enough.)

My Auntie's shopping tip for vintage fiends? Frequently stop by antique stores that specialize in pre-1910s furniture and homewares. If they get early plastics or mid-century modern pieces, they are likely to price them quite low by comparison as most of their customers are interested in far older eras with a different aesthetic.


Camelia Crinoline said...

Wow it sounds like she has an amazing collection. I always admire people that know so much about their particular area of interest.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ahhhhh I LOVE Art Deco/Streamline! But it's sooooo expensive, and my house is 1950's, so I had to go with what my house told me to decorate it with lol...

But I sometimes wish I had a sweet 1930's cottage...

Your Aunt is lucky to have so many amazing things!

p.s. I always loved the smell of Bakelite.

BomshellShocked said...


Andi B. Goode said...

Oh, I'm jealous, too. Especially of the Gayware. sigh. I found some Gayware once, for herbs or something, and one of the things was a little broken so I didn't get it but I really regret it, now. =[
-Andi x

Stefanie Valentine said...

WOW, your auntie's house sounds amazing, it would be fascinating to have a nose around.
And what a great tip too, i'll have to try that very soon i think! xx

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