Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pin-up Pyjamas

It happens to us all - when those chilly winter evenings roll around, we throw our glamorous vintage sensibilities out the window and snuggle up in a pair of holey old flannelette pyjamas. I know I'm definitely guilty of it- but I do wish I had something a little nicer to answer the door in when my etsy parcels arrive! That's why I'm so glad Sussan came up with this nautical and pin-up inspired pyjama collection, so I can feel retro-fabulous even when I'm bumming around at home!

I picked up this pair of pyjama pants, though the second there's a sale I'm going back for more (they are a little more expensive than I'd normally like to pay for sleepwear, but honestly, who could resist?)

They come with a bonus eye mask and carry bag!

Just look at that gorgeous print!

On the subject of pin-ups, my mother bought me a pair of boxes last week with this cute design:

I use them to store my girdles, suspender belts and merry widows:

Well, that's enough procrastination for now - back to assignments! I hope to be a more active blogger after this round of submissions is over; annoyingly I got sick with the stomach flu over easter (and then got a fever from my flu shot!) so I didn't get much time during my holidays to do my homework! Can't wait till it is all over and I can lie down in bed with season two of true blood (which thankfully comes out on DVD just after these are all due, haha).


I BLEED PINK said...

AWWW...Those PJ's are too Die For!!! I am also loving those boxes..lucky girl!

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love Sussan's pyjamas and these are no exception but you're right they're quite expensive for what they are. The boxes are so cute.

Retro Chick said...

Those pyjamas are adorable, and being in AUD I have no idea what they cost in GBP so I shall just continue to enjoy them from a distance!

I know what you mean about wanting something cosy, but a bit more glam though!

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