Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Freddies of Pinewood

In response to Andi B Goode's post about wanting to see some Freddies in different colours, I've taken a few pictures of my two pairs to show. I got them a few months ago, but it took some pretty intensive Wii Fit to get into them! I am just a little too big in the hips for my waist size, it seems, as whenever I put them on/take them off the process culminates in what I like to call "The Freddies of Pinewood Dance", which involves me jumping around shaking my hips frantically, sometimes rolling around on the floor crying (just kidding).

Here are my grey utilities:

I'm a bit eehhhhh about these. They're comfortable but I don't really know how to work them (and I don't think the grey was a great choice for me.) Please leave suggestions in the comments about what colour and style of tops to wear with them; I'm at an absolute loss!

I love love love the dungarees I bought in black (have to get around to fixing the button position before I can wear them out properly though - they're just pinned in place currently).

I hope that helps, Andi! Or anyone else on the fence about ordering some of the sale Freddies. My only word of caution is to be careful in ordering if you have a 'vintage figure' (which according to What Katie Did, is a 10 inch difference between the waist and the hips). As the jeans only open slightly in the pocket, it can be very difficult to squeeze them over your hips if you have a larger ratio between the two. Once on, the jeans feel fine - they're not tight on my hips at all. It's just getting the waist past that region that's the difficult part.


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

I love those!! I'm going to have to get a pair eventually, I think! I pair grey with shades of blue or green. I'd almost go with a medium or dark blue with those. They're cute on you!!


I've got exactely the same jean's and the same overall in the same colors. I privileged Chartreuse or almond green with the dark overall. That's changed from the classic blue jean's color that we have all in 10 samples in our cupboards.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Oh my god, I LOVE those dungarees. I have a similar pair, and I would live in them if I could.

Also have the same issue with waist/hip ratio! I have to lie down on the bed to get my high-waisted jeans on ...

A xx

Justice Pirate said...

. . my hips are 11 inches larger than my waist. . ugh. I guess I should be thankful for that difference though. I love these shots. those pants are beautiful.

Andi B. Goode said...

Thanks, doll, it does help! I think a minty green would like nice with the grey, perhaps, but still with red accessories (unless you don't like red and green, of course).
Although, they seem to have sold out in my size in those colours anyway so I may just have to fork out the extra cash and go for classic denim.
-Andi x

Jessica Cangiano said...

You're too lovely for words, you've made these "utility" pants look glamorously elegant (and one would never know you had to shake, rattle and roll to fit into them, they appear to fit you wonderfully!).

I've long loved the colour grey and have found (at least with my fair skin/red hair) that it pairs well with light to medium/dusty rose shades of pinks, teal, turquoise, pine green, burgundy, maroon, brick red, eggplant, black, and sometimes shades of ivory/cream. Don't give up on these wonderful grey pants, I'm sure you can find a shade or two that will look great with them!

Wishing you a blissful Thursday,
♥ Jessica

esme and the lane way said...

LOL "The Freddies of Pinewood Dance"
They look great :) I really like some tan ones I've seen, but I don't know if I could wear them well!

Miss Jess said...

Hallooo, quick question for you about your dungarees. I also have a pair, and have tried them on once - to find that the crotch seems very, *ahem*, high in the rear. Do you find that your dungarees give you a bit of a wedgie, or is that just me? I feel so self conscious wearing them because I'm afraid they look horrible from the back. I'd rather keep them than sell them, but this particular fit issue has been nagging me. Thanks very much! You look lovely in yours :)

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