Friday, March 26, 2010

Devil's Playground Burlesque

I thought I'd share with you all another quirky little something I stumbled upon recently (on the interwebs this time; sadly I'd need a plane ticket to see this in person) - Star Wars, Disney and Video Games Burlesque! Burlesque has always relied on gimmicks to keep itself fresh and exciting, and Devil's Playground gets 10 out of 10 points for originality with their zany ideas. Just take a look at these photo galleries!

Princess Peach peels at Geek Night

Mary Poppins sheds that repressed Victorian skin with some Dirty Disney Dancing

I haven't seen any videos so I have no idea what the execution is actually like (and some of the costumes aren't of the best quality, I'll be the first to admit) but the idea itself has me laughing, and isn't entertainment what burlesque is all about?


Stefanie Valentine said...

That would indeed be very entertaining to watch! x

Vivian V. Dimples said...

My friend Emma was showing me this a few days ago! What a small world.

In reply to your comment:
Affordable vintage is really hard to find in Perth too. That’s why I’m so excited about Blue Bird! Normally It all gets snapped up and put into “Vintage Boutiques” with a couple of extra zeros put on the end of it’s price tag.

Digital Ghostie said...

Goodness, how cool! I need to see this! And i'm sure my boyfriend wouldn't object, haha.

Miss_Tami_Lee said...

I made the link to the Disney one my Facebook status, too awesome!

Margaux said...

Oh my WOW! That is crazy! haha Great blog. :)

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