Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daily Outfit: Tiki Playsuit

Melbourne still can't make up its mind as to whether it wants to be in autumn or in summer, so I took advantage of the unusually warm day to wear a new (vintage!) playsuit. I wasn't sure I'd get a change to wear it before the cold change came, so I'm happy I got to take it out and about! Also, thrilled about salvaging my pincurl set after I pinned half of them in the wrong orientation!

I was feeling damn fine until I had a run in with some bratty high school kids who threw their trash at my legs when they were walking past, and when I looked up in shock they smirked and said "oops, we didn't see you there in your camouflage suit". Ugh. I know I should have stood up for myself but I was already PMS-y and upset over the fact that I got locked out of my tutorial class for being 5 minutes late, so I just sat there in dumbfounded silence until they passed and then went to bawl my eyes out (stupid hormones).

I've been trying so hard to get all the anger, hate and drama out of my life that I don't want to dwell on this too much or get worked up about what I should have said or done - I just wish people had the ability to keep it to themselves when they don't like something I'm wearing. I understand it's human nature to judge me because I'm different, but that shouldn't excuse that kind of behaviour or make me a target for abuse.

Of course this isn't going to make me stop dressing vintage - I've put up with such comments before, and I love my style too much to change. However, I've been working hard to get my self-esteem up and to be treated in such a way - it's a big blow to my courage and sense of self worth, even if rationally I know it's not my fault.

Grr. I'm headed to ebay to get myself something even more outrageous, just to show them.


Rachel said...

They were just jealous that you were looking so damn fine and they were probably wearing a boob tube as a skirt with hair that is so like a rats nest I'm surprised they don't have things crawling out there (that seems to be the fashion at the mo here in Melbourne, doesn't it?).

You look fabulous in your tiki (not camouflage) playsuit. Clearly they would not know style if it hit them smack bang in the face. Keep wearing your gorgeous outfits!!

Debi said...

Stupid kids! You look GORGEOUS and I love the playsuit!

Louise said...

That playsuit is awesome. Where did you get it?
Let the haters only make you stronger. You look enormously stylish.


Welcome in my club girl !!!

Lizzy said...

Love your suit!!!

PaperDoll said...

Do not think about that episode for one minute longer: you look just great!
Teenagers are often really stupid, and very often they are just cruel: everyone knows it.
I have two teenage brothers and I'm always telling them that, if I happen to hear them saying something embarassing to somebody, I'd box their ears 'till they go deaf.

Some days ago I was at the bus station wearing my red coat and red shoes; some teens started to call me "Red Riding Hood" from behind. Some years ago I would have felt terribly embarassed, but this time I just turned, went to them, crossed my arms and softly said "So? Any problems with my coat?". Being just dumb teenagers, they muttered "Uh, no, no, you look just fine" and run away.

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

You look smokin' hot, honey! I agree with the rest, they were just jealous that they don't have original style like you, they have to dress like everyone else! I say to them "oops, I didn't see you there, you blend in with the crowd so much!" It is hard to not let things like that get you down. I was at the store the other day and got a stare from some young girl like I was a lunatic or something. I just smiled and said "may I help you?" and she looked away immediately. People are stupid and rude but you just keep on being the fabulous, gorgeous, stylish little chick that you are...and when the weather warms up, don't hesitate to wear that adorable playsuit out again! Crazy as it is, when I feel particularly angry at the world, I take a very long, very hot shower and try to envision all of the "nastiness" of the day washing off of me and down the drain. It really does help! Much love,

Stefanie Valentine said...

They were just completely jealous that you are so stylish and beautiful. It is hard sometimes to let go of what happened, i know that i tend to dwell on mean comments for ages and think it over in my head and get all upset. Just remember that they're the ones who look completely ridiculous and boring and they're just stupid children! And quite a lot of them actually wish they had the courage to dress as who they want to be, not what magazines and society say they should look like.
Big hugs to you!

esme and the lane way said...

Ugh. Kids. Ugh.

You look great! I love the playsuit, is off the internets?

Miss Emmi said...

Everybody: Thanks so much, hearing such lovely comments really brightened up my day. I know I shouldn't let such comments get to me but it's hard. I wish I was brave enough to respond but I got into a shouting match with a bunch of kids once before and it absolutely ruined my week (I was at a fair when it happened, so even worse!) I'm trying to be more confident so that these incidents just roll off me like water on a duck's back!

Esme and Louise - It's vintage, I bought it off ebay :D stayed up till 2am to snipe it but it was so worth it.

Francy said...

I have that exact playsuit :-) Although I had to re-sew the straps because they came undone after the first wash. They tie in the back now :-)

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