Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily Outfit: Sunrise Over Osaka

An unusual 'outfit' today - I didn't go out or have work (and can finally swallow again), so took a rare chance to laze about and do absolutely nothing~ bliss! This kimono was a present from a friend who spend several months studying in Osaka, Japan. He found it and the matching obi in a vintage store there - I didn't want them to languish unloved in the back of my closet, so I wear the kimono as a dressing gown on crisp mornings. It works perfectly as loungewear when one has nothing better to do, as it is so heavy that it becomes impossible to rush anywhere!

This is the best shot I could get of the pattern - as it isn't painted on, but rather woven, it's very subtle. Reminds me of leaves floating down a river, in a way!

Here we have the gorgeous obi - it's difficult to photograph as there are gold threads woven through it that reflect the flash all over the place. I don't wear this with the kimono as it is far too long for a sash - any suggestions for displaying it, dear readers?

Speaking of all things Japanese - today, as the boy and I were watching Mad Men Season 1 (it's the second time round for me, so I was paying more attention to the backdrops and outfits than the story) what should I spy in Bert Cooper's office? Why, none other than the infamous erotic woodcut print, The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife! Warning - VERY NSFW, which makes one wonder how Bert gets away with putting it up on his walls! My goodness! It was only a passing shot, which makes me wonder whether the set designer is just messing with me D: I am struggling to believe that Sterling-Cooper could have been that liberal. (Or that an abstract orange block could attract more attention from the staff than this... this thing!)


Stefanie Valentine said...

Wow that kimono is gorgeous, and the pattern on the obi is wonderful. I have just clicked on the link, i'm so glad i wasn't at work! x

esme and the lane way said...

Gorgeous kimono, and you look so glam! I hope you feel 100% better soon :)

(I love MM for those little details. Don was reading a book that I read years ago, loved, lost and then forgot the name of – The Best of Everything. And now I know. Hooray!)

Miss Emmi said...

Stefanie: Sorry about that! I didn't know how many people would know the painting, but there was no way I would host the image here! You can see how shocked I was to see it in Sterling Cooper!

Esme: Thanks so much! Nothing better than curling up with a box set or two to help one get over an illness!

Stephanie said...

Is there any way to contact you through email or otherwise? I'm giving a list of questions to my favorite fashion bloggers and wanted you to be included that. Please let me know. Thanks.

RecordCollector said...

Just gorgeous, could it be I was thinking of you?

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