Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily Outfit: 40's Flair

I found this magnificent little dress in the opshop the other day -doesn't it has a very 40s feel to it? (Pardon the unmade bed; how embarrassing!)

I especially love the shoulder detailing. The pattern has everybody confused - I thought it was cotton, my boyfriend thinks wattle flowers, my sister sees cherries, and my dad said tiny insects! It's practically a wearable Rorschach test!

Outfit Details

Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Valleygirl
Shoes: Rivers
Stockings: Ebay
Gloves: Ebay
Lipstick: MAC Diva

(I also managed one of the nicest pincurl sets I've done in a while, but... as soon as I left the house it rained on me! Boo!)

I was headed out to Lincraft (they currently are having a 50% off fabric sale) but surprisingly, didn't buy much in the way of supplies. I have very specific ideas in my head about the clothes I want to make next, but there wasn't anything I felt I could use to create them. For all you crafty ladies (especially the Australian based ones), where do you buy your fabric? Any stores I should hit up in Melbourne, or ones that deliver here for a reasonable price? Any suggestions would be much appreciated; I am in desperate need of some mustard coloured wool!


Zombie Dimples said...

My goodness, you look divine! Your pin curls came out adorable.
Spotlight is pretty much the only fabric store I can get to anymore since they closed down the Hamecraft near me but I do hunt for second hand fabrics in op shops. I have found some really nice ones that was really suprised with.


Roscharchd test hi hi hi ohohoh ah ah ah !

Oh what a damage for the rain.

RecordCollector said...

Just stunning!!!

harbourmaster said...

Do you know I had no idea what 'roscharch' was until I saw 'Watchmen' last night? I am such a neeerrrrdddd haha!

Have you been to Tessuti? The store is beautiful, it's on Flinders Lane and really airy, heaps of designer end-of-rolls. Sydney Rd has a few good places if you're looking for cheap&cheerful, and G&J's Discount Fabric on Lygon St is excellent for stretch. Homecraft is my favourite but I don't think it exists here (I could be wrong?), but in Perth I always get great stuff there.

And I totally spent $50 that I don't even have at the Lincraft sale today, so tempting! I usually never buy patterns but I couldn't resist one of the Butterick 'Retro' ones at half price, even better than the Vintage Vogue this season!

harbourmaster said...

Oh and also, just re-reading, try Davisha in Richmond for wool? They're technically a wholesaler but just pull the 'student' card and they'll help you out ;) Really awesome selection and quite reasonably priced.

Andi B. Goode said...

Boo to rain! Your hair looks great and I love the dress.
-Andi x

Stephanie said...

The design itself is very 40's, but I think it was the earthy tones of the fabric that really make me think of the 1960's and the call back to nature. I like it though.

Stefanie Valentine said...

What a cute dress you have managed to find there, and i love how your hair turned out, perfect curls! x

Clairegeit said...

Clegs has two stores in Melbourne more on the pricey side but has beautiful fabrics and a great range of the wools, suitings and formal dress fabrics. Sydney road also has many small little fabric stores which are pick and miss sometimes but can be very cheap.

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