Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts for a Retro-Beau

Having a sweetheart who appreciates vintage as much as you can be a double-edged sword. Like us, these gentlemen, greasers and dandies tend to take more pride in their appearance than the modern tracksuit-sporting male, giving the ladies lucky enough to call them 'Valentine' a plethora of options to suit their very stylish needs. The only difficulty with this is that one cannot simply pop down to Target and pick up a pair of snazzy cufflinks or silk pyjamas (minus the looney tunes novelty print!) Even if one has the perfect idea in mind, there's no guarantee that one will be able to find it, making it essential to start the hunt well in advance. (I know it may seem fairly early for posts like this, but given that I live in the Antipodes, I'm actually running a little late when it comes to shopping online! Eeep!)

Coming to our rescue, as always, is Etsy! I spent a good deal of today looking up gift options for my beau, and though I would share some of the finds with you.

Cufflinks and tie-bars are a great option for a vintage loving man (who can never have too many) but can also be bought for a thoroughly modern sweetie as a way to introduce some old fashioned glamour into his office suit.

Found here on etsy.

A silk tie is a classic choice, but why not go for something a little more unconventional - like a bolo tie? It's the perfect finishing touch for all his western shirts, and is something that is most definitely not sold in department stores, making it a truly unique gift.

Found here on etsy.

A folding comb is a great idea if you constantly find yourself fighting with your man over mirror space! It will enable him to keep his 'do in perfect shape when you're out on the town. They can be found in abundance on Etsy - just be careful when you're browsing as there are plenty of feminine cases to tempt you as well!

Found here on etsy.

If you have a yourself a gambling man, an old deck of cards, chess set or poker chips would go down a treat! Don't forget to brush up on your skills so you can play him sometime - after all, what is the game without a partner?

Found here on Etsy.

If he likes to read, forget the Kindle! Penguin Classics have released a range of Popular Penguins, designed to recreate the look and feel of the original covers from the 1940s and 1950s (I should know, I'm a veritable addict!) They have a great range of books from those eras, including pulp, noir and hardboiled detective titles such as The 39 Steps, The Big Sleep, In Cold Blood and Farewell My Lovely. At $9.95 AUD a pop, you can get enough to last him through his morning train rides for the rest of the year!

Read the full list of titles available here.

If one of you loves video games, and the other loves vintage style, don't despair! Buy him Bioshock - it's the perfect combination of the two. The preorder edition of the sequel comes with an LP, Deco-tastic posters and more! Heck, even I want it (and I haven't even finished playing the first!)

Only available here.

Don't forget a card to top it all off! Etsy has plenty of deadstock and unused cards for any occasion, that surprisingly can be purchased for less than a Hallmark one (though that probably says more about how ridiculously expensive cards can be, rather than how 'cheap' the vintage ones are.)

I'm eying off this one, found here on Etsy.

Of course, if you're really stuck for ideas you could always get yourself a little something from What Katie Did and book yourself a photoshoot... I'll leave the rest up to you!

So what did I end up getting my beau? This snazzy cufflink and tie bar set! Here's hoping he likes them!

How about you, dear readers? What are you planning to spoil your beloved with? Bought any fantastic presents for a vintage loving guy in the past? Do spill - my darling's birthday is only a few months away!


Laura C-dot said...

Those are amazing gifts. I know if I were a gent, those are what I'd want...

I've recently (very recently!) started seeing a new guy after a long relationship. He's more of a ripped jeans kind of guy, but he loves leather jackets and James Dean. You hit the nail on the head with BioShock II - most guys love video games, and it's a good way to get a subliminal vintage passion started... ;)

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