Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thrifty Finds #2

As I mentioned in my previous post, the gods of op-shopping have been very kind to me lately! I've picked up three lovely vintage items (and could have gotten more, if only I wasn't so skinflint :/ then again, do I really need an antique microscope and collection of b'dass carved tiki walking sticks?) Still, I'm more than thrilled with these finds:

I was going to wear this coat in order to show you how truly gorgeous it is, but it is so darn hot! You'll have to wait until winter to find out!

This little cloche hat is a nice smokey green colour that is incredibly difficult to photograph properly. I'd show you that one on too, but my hair is full of rags! (Excuses, excuses.)

My favourite find of all, however, has to be this:

A train case! I've been looking for one on Etsy but shipping rates for something that heavy are absolutely horrendous! The opshop I was in actually had two - one was covered in FUR, for some unknown reason! However, I passed on buying it, as I intended to take this case travelling and I wanted something that would actually get through customs!

For now, it's perfect for storing my makeup:

Not to mention it matches my Tiffany-blue nail polish perfectly! (China Glaze's "For Audrey", if you're interested.)

This is all making me feel like some kind of film noir heroine, ready to disappear on the midnight train. My op-shopping mojo has returned, huzzah!


Gingeyginge said...

So wonderful, Christmas all over again!

Stein doll said...

Wow I really like the hat you found vary great finds =)

Stefanie Valentine said...

Wonderful finds! That train case really is lovely, i feel like getting one too!
And yes, we all need an antique microscope :)

Emma said...

wow you did really well! you'll have to let us all know what op shops you frequent my local one is tiny and never has anything like that i'm insanely jelous! x

prashant said...

I really like the hat you found vary great finds

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Lizzy said...

Ohh!! those things are great!!! I would like to find things like that

Andi B. Goode said...

That's so cool! You would NEVER find anything like that in Adelaide. Or maybe just not where I look. ;] I love the train case best, too. It's awesome.
-Andi x

Miss Emmi said...

Stefanie: I'm a science student, and I love decorating my study desk with victorian medical diagrams, etc - it would have been so neat! *sighs*

Emma: I'm rarely this lucky - I do tend to make a day of op-shopping. I'll go on a different train line and explore suburbs I've never been in, see what I can find. It's pretty fun, especially if you take along a friend!

Andi: I don't know, you sound like you have a gazillion decently priced vintage stores near you! Vintage gets marked up something chronic in melbourne :/

Enken said...

That is a great coat! I am so one the lookout at the moment... but like Andi said, good op shops are few and far between here in Adelaide.

emma wallace said...

Such amazing finds! Congratulations. I love that coat and the traveling case is so fun!

esme and the lane way said...

Wow, amazing finds! I never find coats... yours looks beautiful!

Little Rascal said...

Ohhh, nice coat!
I love the train case.

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