Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm back!

Hello again everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's - mine was lovely and relaxing. I spent much of the past week curled up on the couch watching classic movies with my grandparents, or going for slow strolls about their incredibly lush and green neighborhood. I managed to avoid being sunburned too badly, so all in all it was a success! My holiday was a camera free zone, so no outfit posts to share - but I'm sure I'll more than make up for that soon enough.

I scored some pretty nice presents this year - the ones my parents bought me are yet to arrive (curse you, postal strike!) but I've been assured that (eventually) I will be getting The Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection, Forties Fashion and The Golden Age of Couture. Huzzah!

My sweetheart bought me the What Katie Did 'Sailor' set and Gil Elvgren: The Complete Pin-Ups.

Could his hinting be any more obvious? Hehe

He also got me these gorgeous matryoshka dolls after hearing me constantly talk about how much I wanted a set. Not vintage, but hey, I love 'em.

Of course, I have to share pictures of these presents I received - courtesy of myself! Not only did I get out of the Boxing Day sales alive, I also managed to snap up these pumps from Rivers (look! sensible heels! <3 <3 <3) and a few DVD box sets to keep me company until the rest of my family comes home.

I have a few more posts lined up - for one, the gods of op-shopping have been particularly kind to me lately - but I'll save them for another day. Emma-out!


Andi B. Goode said...

Oooh, good haul! Love the sailor undies.
-Andi x

Stefanie Valentine said...

Welcome back! The sailor set is so cute, i love WKD!
I need to find a sensible pair of shoes for everyday wear, all mine are either really bright or really high! xx

Twila Jean said...

I love that WKD set! lovely!!!

Lizzy said...

Oh! the sailor outfit is great! And the mad men dvd, cool! Here in Mexico they are going to show the 1st season this year...finally!!!!!!!!!

Enken said...

Golden Age of Couture is just one of my fave books. Did you see the exhibition? I almost died and went to Dior heaven!! You got some great loot!

Miss Emmi said...

Andi: They're so cute! I'm so happy he found them, I thought I had missed out on the limited edition.

Stefanie Valentine: Some of my friends make fun of me for wearing 'old lady shoes', but I think the comfort is worth it. A lot of the brands aimed at that age group have nice, sensible shoes - and not all of them are frumpy! It's lovely to be back :)

Twila Jean: Thanks!

Lizzy: I missed it when they were showing it on TV here, too busy with study! Now I can go at my own pace :)

Enken: I saw it when it was in Bendigo - my cousin actually works for Bendigo tourism, so she got us in early before the crowds to take a look. I couldn't believe the lines! Sadly they were sold out of the book by the time I got out, but I'm happy to be getting a copy now.

Stein doll said...

I like the what katie did set and Mad men dvd those are great gifts.

prashant said...

The sailor set is so cute, i love WKD!

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Kesenya said...

Wow - you had an amazing Christmas !! I bought the Gil Elvgren book for my hubby recently too - at least I told him that it was for him !!! he he !

Tara Diane said...

omgosh, cutest lingerie ever!

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