Monday, December 14, 2009

Thrifty Finds #1

While I love doing outfit posts, sometimes I get so excited by op-shop finds that I can't even wait till I take them out on the town to blog about them! Here's my latest haul:

That's a pair of brand new Calvin Klein jeans there! They're high-waisted and lovely, I've been searching for a pair of preppy pants like that for a while. Gonna work them with so many pastel colours that you'll think I'm an easter egg <3

The other find I'm really psyched about is that little black playsuit! I simply had to show it to you on:

I have a long torso, so this find is even more special due to the fact that it actually fits me! Not to mention it saves me the trouble of making my own (my previous attempts to make a frankenpattern for one = not pretty).

I also got a lovely surprise from Pink Champagne for Dancing and Stefanie Valentine - a Glamorous Blog award! Thanks lovelies <3 Unfortunately I'm going to be a terrible community member as I don't have a list to pass this on to - I'm trying to expand my reading list so I can link to some new blogs next time round.

Wish me luck dealing with the Christmas shopping crowds tomorrow! Working retail this time of year is terrifying D:


Enken said...

Oh my god playsuit! So awesome! I'm just thinking of making one because I can never find a nice one!! This gives me hope... What kind of retail do you do? I'm also a retail girl, Christmas is truly scary. Every year it surprises me! Good luck!

Stefanie Valentine said...

Such an adorable playsuit! Can't wait to see you looking like an easter egg =)
I used to work in a shop, and i absolutely detested the Christmas period, too many people asking me stupid questions and too many queues, aaargh! Good luck!

Lizzy said...

Oh! I love that playsuit!! Going shopping during xmas season is something I hate!

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