Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh, wow

I just got given my first award, from the darling Stefanie Valentine.

It's really a wonderful pick-me-up to come home to, given that I've only been blogging these past two months! I'd also like to use this chance to thank all my followers so far - I never expected so many people to be interested in little old me! Thank you all; it really means a lot and I always appreciate reading your comments.

I'm passing the love on to 6 of my favourite bloggers (It is meant to be 10, but I don't follow that many blogs and a large amount of them have already recieved this award). So, without further ado:

1.) The Big Mama Introspection
2.) Pink Champagne For Dancing
3.) The Republic of Dresses
4.) Vivian Von Dimples
5.) Gone with the Voile
6.) Whipstitch Sewing

There's also a little one word questionnaire that came with it (I will try to keep to the limit as much as is possible):

1.Where is your phone? Lost :/

2.Your hair? Curly

3.Your Mother? Strict

4.Your Father? Loud

5.Your favourite food? Chocolate

6.Your dream last night? Zombie-related

7.Your favourite drink? Coffee

8.Your dream/goal? Neuropsychology

9.What room are you in? Mine :)

10.Your hobby? Sewing

11.Your fear? Zombies ;_;

12.Where do you want to be in six years? Graduated!

13.Where were you last night? Bed

14.Something that you’re not? Confident

15.Muffins? Poppyseed

16.Wishlist item? Apartment

17.Where did you grow up? Worldwide

18.Last thing you did? Work

19.What are you wearing? Kimono

20.Your TV? Plural

21.Your pets? None...

22.Friends? Beautiful

23.Your life? Confusing

24.Your mood? Better

25.Missing someone? Sister

26.Vehicle? Bus

27.Something you’re not wearing? Shoes!

28.Your favourite store? Myer

29.Your favourite colour? Red

30.When was the last time you laughed? During Twilight

31.The last time you cried? Weekend

32.Your best friend? A star

33.One place that I go to over and over? Boyfriend's

34.Facebook? Avoiding!

35.Favourite place to eat? Shanghai Dumpling House

(I can't remember my text options - that will teach me to copy and paste!)


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Hello Miss Emmi, many thanks you so cute. i'm very honoured. Olivia.

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