Friday, November 13, 2009

The Way We Wear Fair

Well, it does not happen often, but I have won something! Looks like I'll be attending the upcoming The Way We Wear Fair. How exciting!

I've never actually attended a vintage fair before, and my last experience with large shopping crowds (being pushed out of the way and elbowed by a boxing day shopper) has left me somewhat wary of such events. I'm looking for stories and advice from those of you who have attended similar things - particularly in regards to my choice of footwear. Will I need steel capped boots to protect my toes from getting stepped on? I would hope that the attendees are generally more ladylike than that.... eep.

Unfortunately, I have work on the Saturday and thus can only attend one out of the two days, but seeing as I only have $100 to play with (oh, how I regret my post-exam spending spree now!) I am not too fussed. Being around beautiful things that I can't afford for two days straight would only break my heart. I do hope there will be some bargains for me to find though - has anyone had much luck at other events?

Still, I am giddy at the thought! Counting down the days now (but what to wear)!


Andi B. Goode said...

I went to the one in Adelaide and it was a super rainy weekend so it hadn't been all that busy, which was lucky for me (maybe the hot weather will scare the punters off, too?) - I don't remember what I wore but I'm pretty sure I wore flats and some kind of outfit that was easy enough to get out of and back into again. Hope you have fun!
-Andi x

RecordCollector said...

I wish ya a happy hunting on the fair down yonder! :-)
Hope you find some great stuff.


Miss Emmi said...

Andi: Thanks for the link - I can only hope I'll get as lucky as you!

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