Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dame of Mystery

One of my best friends had her 21st birthday party last night; the theme being 'hats'! What better occasion to break out some vintage headgear?

I picked up this hat in a little vintage store in Melbourne - a little pricey for my tastes, but it was so gorgeous I couldn't resist! It's a feathered halo style, with burgundy netting that covers the eyes. Made me feel rather vampish, so I did my makeup to match (it's MAC Blackware Glimmerglass over their Diva lippie, for those interested - I am addicted to that combination!) I also tried something new with my nails - filling in the moon with gold polish. It may not be traditional, but I do like the way it made my everyday nail a little more ritzy.

You may remember a slim skirt I sewed previously - well, here is the accompanying jacket. I won't show you a close up, as it has some of the most terrible handworked buttonholes you will ever see D: I really ought to learn how to do them on the sewing machine before I attempt my striped shirtdress (the pattern arrived, the fabric is bought - now, to work up my courage). I do, however, adore the vintage buttons I found for it, after taking up Reilly's suggestion to look for tortoiseshell ones. Thanks for the tip, lovely! I'm so pleased with the overall look.


Stefanie Valentine said...

Wow you look stunning, you definitely pull off the vamp look very well. And i love the idea of the gold on the moons, it looks rather nice; I think i'm going to try that myself now!

Screen Siren said...

that whole outfit is gorgeous!
you did a nice job with that suit!

Aya Smith said...

You are absolutely gorgeous! Your hair and makeup is amazing... love!

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