Friday, November 27, 2009


I got my hair cut today! First time having it short since... since forever! I waltzed into the hairdressers and asked for a "young, hot Elizabeth Taylor", and this is what I got:

Outfit Details

Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: The Way We Wear

I'm getting used to it a lot easier than I expected (although my head feels absurdly light!) I can't wait to try out a few pincurl sets with it.

I finished my university exams last week, so I'm about to start some intensive sewing - and I'm not allowed to buy any more fabric or patterns till I get through this lot! I am sure fellow etsy-ers can understand me wanting to circumvent what I am sure is developing into an addiction! Have a sneak peek at some upcoming projects (the fabrics do not necessarily go with the patterns on top):

Tomorrow, I start cutting (whilst marathoning Gossip Girl)! Have a lovely weekend!


Pink Champagne said...

Great hair, and cute outfit!!

JusticePirate said...

awww I always get a little sad when people cut their hair! I guess it is because I used to have 34 inches of hair that I miss (and am growing back). It is hard though to do the whole vintage look (older than the last 60s) without having short hair, but it's exciting. Your new hairdo looks beautiful just as well, and the fact that you seem to like it makes it better!

Stefanie Valentine said...

Short hair totally suits you, i cant wait to see what hairstyles you do with it! I used to have short hair to do Marilyn styles but i'm growing it out cos i cant do anything with it :(
I love the skirt as well.

Miss Emmi said...

Justice Pirate - It was a hard choice to make, but I'm lucky in that I really like the end result! I hope your hair grows back fast!

Gingeyginge said...

It looks adoreable just think of the fun you have ahead of you for styling!

Enken said...

Oh I do like your hair! Long hair is nice, but short hair is just so much more useful for vintage styling! I'm very impressed that you have fabrics for all your beautiful patterns lined up - that's my biggest problem, I dilly-dally so long about choosing fabric that I never get anything made!

Lizzy said...

Hi! I just "dicovered" your blog, I like it!
I like you hair!
You have two vintage patterns I LOVE!!!!! The simplicity 2580 and the reproduction Butterick! Normally I like to surf to look for vintage patterns I like and I can afford and that they fit me =) , but I'm not always lucky.
I would like to see how you do the simplicity one.

Miss Emmi said...

Hi Lizzy! The Simplicity 2580 was a bargain due to it missing the slim skirt pattern pieces, but I don't mind too much :) I can't wait to make it up! I think I buy too many patterns though, I almost have no money left over to buy fabric with!

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