Sunday, November 29, 2009


Finally, I feel like I'm doing something productive with my holidays! I put together this dress today using view B of Butterick 6582, a reprint of a pattern from the 60s. I ended up shortening it substantially (mostly due to my failure to read cutting layouts properly) but I think it still manages to keep the feel of the original - just kinder in hot weather!

I'm hoping to wear this out for Mai Tais with friends after we find out our exam results - whether it is a celebration or drowning of sorrows is yet to be seen! *crosses fingers* We're planning to hit this place called the Tiki Bar - I am very intrigued by this "Zombie" drink and the 2 per night limit they have for it!

This is probably the most complicated pattern I've made to date - and that's not saying much! The facings made me cry, and I had to put darts in to fix the gaping back (note to self: start making muslins! Or learn to alter patterns without improvisation in the final stage.) That said, it has the smoothest zip I've inserted to date, so I guess practice does make slightly better!

I'm rather tempted to go back to Spotlight and make this dress (or perhaps another, simpler pattern that doesn't make me cry) in a few other island and surf themed fabrics that they had there (or perhaps even a shirt for The Boy - after all, he'll need something to wear to the Tiki Bar with me!) However, next up I'm attempting View C (the full skirted version) of this pattern in a gorgeous green voile. Stay tuned!


Justice Pirate said...

super cute. keep it up.

Dad.. said...

WOWEE!! You're all set for any kind of Tiki function! Very nice!

Ruby Roulette said...

That is a gorgeous dress, I'm quite envious of the great fabric pattern!

Laura C-dot said...

Hi there Miss Emmi, thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I am so jealous of ladies who sew (pardon the pun ;) I can make small things and do repairs, but dressmaking is a whole new story. You are one talented lady - That dress is fabulous!

I do hope you enjoy the Tiki Bar, and that it is a celebration for all concerned. :)

Nancy said...

you are so lucky to find all these wonderful retro patterns and items. real treasures and wonderful blog!

Stefanie Valentine said...

Hi Miss Emmi, i have an award for you over on my blog :)

Miss Emmi said...

Thanks everybody!

Laura C-dot: I can't sew well, but it is a work in progress! It's a rewarding hobby though - maybe you'll give it a try someday?

Stefanie Valentine: Oh gosh, thanks so much!

PaperDoll said...

I'm sooo envious! I am barely able to do hems or to baste easy patterns... Even the "Sewing for dummies" guide seems not to be enough "dummy-proof" for me! :)
I think that dress is just amazing!

PS: I love your glasses!

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