Sunday, November 29, 2009


Finally, I feel like I'm doing something productive with my holidays! I put together this dress today using view B of Butterick 6582, a reprint of a pattern from the 60s. I ended up shortening it substantially (mostly due to my failure to read cutting layouts properly) but I think it still manages to keep the feel of the original - just kinder in hot weather!

I'm hoping to wear this out for Mai Tais with friends after we find out our exam results - whether it is a celebration or drowning of sorrows is yet to be seen! *crosses fingers* We're planning to hit this place called the Tiki Bar - I am very intrigued by this "Zombie" drink and the 2 per night limit they have for it!

This is probably the most complicated pattern I've made to date - and that's not saying much! The facings made me cry, and I had to put darts in to fix the gaping back (note to self: start making muslins! Or learn to alter patterns without improvisation in the final stage.) That said, it has the smoothest zip I've inserted to date, so I guess practice does make slightly better!

I'm rather tempted to go back to Spotlight and make this dress (or perhaps another, simpler pattern that doesn't make me cry) in a few other island and surf themed fabrics that they had there (or perhaps even a shirt for The Boy - after all, he'll need something to wear to the Tiki Bar with me!) However, next up I'm attempting View C (the full skirted version) of this pattern in a gorgeous green voile. Stay tuned!

Friday, November 27, 2009


I got my hair cut today! First time having it short since... since forever! I waltzed into the hairdressers and asked for a "young, hot Elizabeth Taylor", and this is what I got:

Outfit Details

Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: The Way We Wear

I'm getting used to it a lot easier than I expected (although my head feels absurdly light!) I can't wait to try out a few pincurl sets with it.

I finished my university exams last week, so I'm about to start some intensive sewing - and I'm not allowed to buy any more fabric or patterns till I get through this lot! I am sure fellow etsy-ers can understand me wanting to circumvent what I am sure is developing into an addiction! Have a sneak peek at some upcoming projects (the fabrics do not necessarily go with the patterns on top):

Tomorrow, I start cutting (whilst marathoning Gossip Girl)! Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wiggle Wiggle

This is my final find from 'The Way we Wear Vintage Fair' - The Boy calls it my "First Lady Dress" and I'm inclined to agree! I love it for its understated elegance; the glare in the photo obscures it somewhat but it's a gorgeous soft pink with a slightly raised pattern, and the neckline is also unique. I believe it's from the early 1960's.

This is also the last time you'll be seeing my hair so long - tomorrow morning I am going for the chop! I've been rockin' the Rita Hayworth thing for a while, and although I still love it, I'd like to try something different. Summer feels like just the right time to have it short. It'll definitely be breezier with the hot weather (and if it looks terrible I know it'll have grown out by the time I'm back from holidays, haha!) Wish me luck; I've had long hair ever since I was a child and I'm terribly nervous about the change!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vintage Fair Haul

Today, I attended The Way We Wear Vintage Fair courtesy of tickets I won in a giveaway from Circa Vintage (thanks so much guys, I had an absolutely wonderful time!) It was an adventure and a half getting there in such stormy weather, but well worth the trip. ( So many beautiful things, all in one place - I wish I had saved up more! (My friend commented that it was 'like a zoo' because of all of the different furs there!) However, even with the limited funds I had, I still managed to pick up a skirt with the cutest tropical print, an unworn girdle, and a pair of shoes - all in excellent condition. I've also got a pink wiggle dress soaking in the tub to get a few stains out; photos of that one to come (it is a challenge to get over my head, but fits amazingly). I worked up my courage and tried my hand at haggling, which was overall a success: I saved about $20 in total! I'm terribly shy, so it helped that all the shop assistants were so approachable and lovely. That has to be one of my favourite things about vintage shops - the owners are typically so friendly and passionate about what they sell, and get to know you over time. It's a more personal experience (and far less intimidating than shopping in some designer boutique!)

I didn't take photos of my outfit (as proud as I was of having found a frangipani hairclip that perfectly matched the floral motif of my dress) because I had a terrible bout of insomnia last night and was running on exactly zero hours sleep - by the time the wind and the rain were through with me I was an absolute mess. So, in order to make up for it, here's a photo of the outfit I wore last night to my friend's 21st; taken by a photographer friend of mine (you can tell it's not my handiwork since there is proper lighting and focus for once!)

Outfit Details

Dress: Basque
Fur: Vintage
Pearls: Borrowed from Grandmother

I am worn out! Going to lie in bed with a few DVDs until I doze off. Hope you all had wonderful weekends!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dame of Mystery

One of my best friends had her 21st birthday party last night; the theme being 'hats'! What better occasion to break out some vintage headgear?

I picked up this hat in a little vintage store in Melbourne - a little pricey for my tastes, but it was so gorgeous I couldn't resist! It's a feathered halo style, with burgundy netting that covers the eyes. Made me feel rather vampish, so I did my makeup to match (it's MAC Blackware Glimmerglass over their Diva lippie, for those interested - I am addicted to that combination!) I also tried something new with my nails - filling in the moon with gold polish. It may not be traditional, but I do like the way it made my everyday nail a little more ritzy.

You may remember a slim skirt I sewed previously - well, here is the accompanying jacket. I won't show you a close up, as it has some of the most terrible handworked buttonholes you will ever see D: I really ought to learn how to do them on the sewing machine before I attempt my striped shirtdress (the pattern arrived, the fabric is bought - now, to work up my courage). I do, however, adore the vintage buttons I found for it, after taking up Reilly's suggestion to look for tortoiseshell ones. Thanks for the tip, lovely! I'm so pleased with the overall look.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Way We Wear Fair

Well, it does not happen often, but I have won something! Looks like I'll be attending the upcoming The Way We Wear Fair. How exciting!

I've never actually attended a vintage fair before, and my last experience with large shopping crowds (being pushed out of the way and elbowed by a boxing day shopper) has left me somewhat wary of such events. I'm looking for stories and advice from those of you who have attended similar things - particularly in regards to my choice of footwear. Will I need steel capped boots to protect my toes from getting stepped on? I would hope that the attendees are generally more ladylike than that.... eep.

Unfortunately, I have work on the Saturday and thus can only attend one out of the two days, but seeing as I only have $100 to play with (oh, how I regret my post-exam spending spree now!) I am not too fussed. Being around beautiful things that I can't afford for two days straight would only break my heart. I do hope there will be some bargains for me to find though - has anyone had much luck at other events?

Still, I am giddy at the thought! Counting down the days now (but what to wear)!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock

There was always a third party present in the marriage between my mother and my father, and that man was Elvis. My mother raised me on his music and his movies, and they still bring a smile to my face. Summer feels like just the right time to dance to his tunes - so here is my Jailhouse Rock inspired outfit, accompanied by some (terrible) dancing! Don't judge me D: I can't help myself when it comes to Elvis!

Outfit Details

Top: Supre
Capris: Route 66
Shoes: Target

I tried something new with my hair today - I apologize, the photos aren't very clear, but do let me know what you think :)
Behind me you can see the heirloom I've already put dibs on - an Elvis clock, from our family trip to Graceland when I was little.

He swings his legs to keep the time! Just perfect <3

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello Sailor!

I haven't posted many outfits lately - mostly because I'm housebound and studying for exams! But today I have one (eek), so here's a quick photo of what I'm wearing there:

Shorts: Handmade
Top: Valleygirl
Wedges: Target

I've wanted a pair of sailor shorts for ages, but these ended up costing me next to nothing (hooray) as I made them using the leftover fabric from my high-waisted pants - how lucky that I had just enough! The buttons I used are with with red outlines, aren't they just darling?

Oooh, better head off - wish me luck!

Monday, November 2, 2009

For your eyes only~

You may have noticed from my outfit posts so far that I wear glasses - and I think it's about time I upgraded them to fit in with the rest of my vintage style!

I have been looking into getting a pair of cat eye frames, but the reactions from family and friends have been mixed. The boy was easily convinced after seeing The Spirit (although I do hope he's not expecting me to turn into a Scarlett Johanson-esque sexpot), and those are the kind of frames I'm interested in: subtle, not too over the top. Or, something like Marshall's friend Petula from United States of Tara:

However, my parents - who are normally, if not supportive of my style, at least benignly tolerant - are staunchly against them. My mother is adamant that cat eye glasses were something that "should have died with the 50s", and admittedly here in Australia they tend to conjure up images of Dame Edna and librarians rather than fifties-era glamourpusses. Now, while I'm not going to be kicked out of home or anything if I do buy a pair, their comments have put doubt in my mind that I could pull the look off...

I have already ordered this pair off ebay, but if they don't suit I suppose I'll just get them turned into prescription sunglasses or something. I am just a little worried I will look ridiculous with them on.

I tried on a few pairs in a vintage store, and took a photo for your consideration (sorry for the blurriness - it's a from a cameraphone):

Your thoughts?