Saturday, October 24, 2009

This dress leaves me breathless

One of the subjects I am taking at uni this semester is French Cinema, which concentrates on the films of the Nouvelle Vague – a period spanning the late 1950s to the early 1960s. Although the movies themselves have been rather hit and miss for me, the clothes and hairstyles of the film's starlets have been an absolute treat. So much so that I am considering making reproductions of a few of my favourite outfits! Or at least, dreaming of doing so *sighs*

Jean Seberg in A bout de Souffle (Breathless) by Jean-Luc Godard, 1960.

How adorable is this dress? I am contemplating buying a vintage shirtdress pattern off ebay for it, but I am terrified of working with stripes! The thought of wasting 4 meters of fabric because I failed to align the stripes properly is horrifying...

(Oh, if only I could be sewing this now instead of writing an essay on the movie it came from!)


Andi B. Goode said...

That dress is ridiculously adorable. I want one! I also want to see more Jean-Luc Godard films but I can't download or watch things on the 'net and it's stupid difficult to find his films to rent on DVD here. I can buy them easy enough but I don't want to buy them until I've watched them. ;]
-Andi x

Miss Emmi said...

@Andi: Isn't it sweet? Her other outfits in the movie have a gorgeous gamine style, but I love ridiculously girly and phwoofy dresses so I'm definately going to take a stab at making this one!

I got lucky, in that my local library had a couple of DVDs. I'm the same in that I'd rather watch a movie before buying it, particularly when it comes to these kind of films that can be a little 'difficult' to like. (I think that was Godard's point, anyway - making 'difficult' cinema? *puts that in the essay*)

Chili said...

lovely blog you have:)

esme and the lane way said...

It is gorgeous, but I'd be scared of stripes too! But it is worth the risk, no? :)

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