Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ready for my closeup?

Exciting news! While taking my fabulous pants out on the town today, I got stopped by a street-style snapper for an upcoming magazine called "X and Y" - I am trying not to get my hopes up too much about whether they choose to include my picture or not, but it was something that brightened up what started out as a fairly gloomy day for me. Mostly I hope they include the photo so I have something to remember the outfit by - I didn't take any pictures today because I've come down with a nasty summer cold, so first thing I did upon returning home was plop into bed (and I don't have any nice vintage pajamas to take photos of! Though I do have some very nifty marabou slippers).

Today's outfit was inspired by the late 30s/early 40s folk look - something akin to the default uniform of the character Sofie in the old HBO series Carnivàle. I hope you vintage lovin' ladies have seen it (especially anyone interested in the fashions of the 30s!) It is a bit of an acquired taste - well, I absolutely loved it, but not many other people I know did... it does get freaky, however (as an advance warning).

I couldn't find any pictures of Sofie's outfit, but here are a few images to give you a taste of the show (and hopefully, to encourage you all to go out and watch it if you haven't yet):

It also uses the gorgeous song "Love Me or Leave Me" by Ruth Etting to very haunting effect:

Go on! You know you want to! There are two whole seasons of this deliciousness! ;) I am going to watch some in bed with large glass of vitamin C *toddles off*


Twila Jean said...

How exciting! I hope they use your picture!

mary van note said...

I loved Carnivale. I wish they didn't cancel it! I almost want to re-watch it just for the hair and fashion...

Andi B. Goode said...

Aw, I hope you feel better. How exciting to get your photo snapped!
I've never seen Carnivale but I really want to see it.
Also, the shorts I was wearing were bought about two or three years ago. =]
-Andi x

Miss Emmi said...

Twila Jean: Thank you! I guess we'll find out soon!

Mary Van Note: I was so upset when I found out there wouldn't be a third season. It was such a frustratingly open ending...

Andi B Goode: Do watch it! It's fantastic, both in terms of costume design and story. (And I am feeling much better, thank you)

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